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Monday, 5 November 2012

Caught LIVE - Hot Chelle Rae..!

Hot Chelle Rae were the headline act of the night and by the screams of their fans in the audience you certainly knew that! They kicked off the show with their hit Whatever from their latest album and in no time the crowd was jumping up and down sing along! HCR certainly know how to put on a great show - boundless energy and heaps of interaction with the audience made sure that the crown was loving every minute of the guys on stage.

What did take us by surprise was that their mega smash Tonight Tonight wasn't played last - normally bands play their biggest hit last. They smashed out their hits like Honestly & Why Don't You Love Me and even played a new track, A Girl Like You to the delight of their fans! Another surprise was their covers of David Guetta & Usher's super smash Without You, as well as Calvin Harris's Feels So Close - done pretty darn well we think!

Overall we loved their gig but more importantly so did the fans - some even were allowed up on stage to sing along with the guys! If you're a HCR fan, you'll certainly love their live show..!

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