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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

12 things about the new Ricki-Lee video Burn It Down..!

So Ricki-Lee has finally release her new video for Burn It Down. The fourth track to be taken from the singers brilliant Fear & Freedom, we were told to expect something very sexy and hot from the singer. Indeed it is hot with some great eye candy. Check it out now and here are the 12 highlights

Ricki-Lee as a waitress
Throws food over customer and leaves work
Steals a car (OMG)
Picks up hunk
Gets flirty with him
frolics with him on car bonnet
Meets new friends
Has a beach party
Wakes up in field
Goes for a swim
My way or the highway
Takes off bra
Swims off into lagoon
Fear and Freedom is available on iTunes now..!

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