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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

SnapCacklePop Interview - Little Mix..!

As they rise us the Australian music charts we catch up with UK X-Factor winners and the pop awesomeness that is Little Mix, where we talk new album, pet habits, touring and who exactly is a Justin Bieber fan..!

Hey Leigh Anne how are you?
I’m good how are you?

We are good, welcome to SnapCacklePop
Thank you for having me.

Firstly, congrats on the brilliant debut single Wings  - how is it now releasing you first major single?
Thank you so much. It was incredible. Knowing we co-wrote it as well, it was just amazing and then it reaching No.1. We have had the track for so long, as we wrote it in February and then to release so many months later, after soo long, it was just amazing, we are just so happy with the response that we got.

Well congrats on your UK No.1, we hope it will have the same success over here in Australia
Oh I hope so. We are SOOOO excited to be coming over to Australia, we can’t wait.

Its such fresh, catchy and a funky little pop track, is that going to be the sound of Little Mix going forward? 
It is the overall sound, we’ve got the harmonies in there, its very uplifting and we wanted to get across that it’s a very uplifting message to the song.  Little Mix is all about being versatile. With the album (DNA) there is something on there for everyone, so we are really excited to get that out there.

Well, we have it marked as one of the pop singles of the year, how does that feel? 
WOW, that is amazing. The support we have had in Australia has been insane, we have been so grateful. The fans over there have been absolutely amazing and can’t wait to meet everyone..!

So when should we expect you in Australia?
 The end of the month. We are all so giddy right now, we can’t believe we are coming over, we are sooo excited.

So we see you are currently recording the video for single number two DNA, tell us about that?
It’s a slightly different track to Wings. Its slower,  a bit darker and a different side to Little Mix. It’s a love song, that we have turned into a weird obsession meaning coz the video is about how a girl becomes obsessed by a guy and how it can be completely ruined by becoming crazy by it. Definitely a different side to Little Mix.

We have one question, did you get to steal the roller skates you liked?
No I didn’t and it was the one thing I wanted for my birthday, coz my birthday was on the 4th October and I asked everyone for roller skates and I didn’t get any!  
         So you spoke of the album, can you explain the title?
DNA is almost like fate. Like it was fate that we were all put together and this was what we were supposed to do. DNA is one of the favorite tracks of the album, so why not call the album it. We can’t wait for everyone to hear the album.

And who have you been working on the album?
Been working with a lot of girl band members including Shazney Lewis from All Saints, which was incredible

Love her!
yeah she is amazing. We have T-boz from TLC, she wrote something for us, which is just insane, we couldn’t ask for anything more. Also Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud, she has written us one of our fav tracks off the album. Loads of incredible people, incredible producers, we have been really lucky.

That’s brilliant, we can’t wait to hear it. So we have a fan question: Deborah (Huge Irish Mixer) who asks ‘How long does it take to pick which song to release next and what's the process behind it?’
Oooh. See its weird coz we want to show our best sides, which is why we did Wings first, then DNA, but at the same time its about what will get the most radio play, there are so many things we need to think about. So it takes quite a while to think about what is going to work. Thing with us is that we have so many great tracks, that we love on the album, its becoming really hard. We’d love to release all of them, however we can’t do that, so it is a long process.

So how has it been since you have won X-factor?
Its been absolutely crazy. Thing is as soon as we finished The X-Factor, the next morning from 4am, it was just interview, press and loads of different things, and we didn’t get a second to think about what had just happened. We were just thrown right into it and it was “OMG, this is our new life now”. Yet we are having the most amazing time ever.

So you auditioned as a solo singer and now you are in a girl band, how is that? When we first got told by the judges they can see us in a girl band, we were all kinda thinkings, “Whaaaatttt?” We were not really happy with it and the automatic reaction is “Oh am I not good enough?” But when we all step on that stage together it was like “this is what I have been miss my whole life” Being in the girl band has been the best thing for all of us. We have given each other confidence, that is great to have four completely different people on stage that make us Little Mix.

We loved your performance on X-Factor, your cover of Katy Perry’s ET. That was brilliant. It was mind blowingly good.
Thank you so much. That week was definitely the turning point for Little Mix, because we changes our name from Rhythm Mix to Little Mix, so was quite instense week, yet that was the turning point for us.

So to the real questions, you are now in a girl band do you all get on..?
We actually do get on really well. So me and Jesy live together and Jade and Perry live together and we all get on the same. And if we do have a quiff with each other, we make up 10 minutes after. We are the best of friends.

What is a secret/pet hate you can tell us about each of the girls?
Oh my time to dish the dirt…
Jesy if she is in a mood STAY AWAY. She is like Jekyll and Hyde
Perrie burps loads and really load
Jade is obsessed with Suduko. She even plays it on the toilet.

What about you? What is one thing we would never guess about you?
Well I am a bit of a Bieber fan.

Have you see him in concert?
No not yet, but he is doing a tour soon. So am going to try and get tickets. I have to. Absolutely love his new album and I was really lucky that I got a video message from Justin for my birthday. I know I am such a sado..!

So, what is next for Little Mix?
So coming to Australia and that is going to be amazing, we have some performances coming up and the album is now finished and that comes out on 19th November in the UK. Really exciting for that and then we get a break for Xmas and then after that it is the tour.

So have you been to Australia before?
No and I have always wanted to go. I was going to go to Uni in Australia but was too expensive but has always been a dream of mine.

Well know you are in a girl band you get to fly here for free..!
I know, its amazing.

What would you like to say to your fans the Australian Little Mixers?
Thank you soooo much for your support, its been amazing. You guys are just wicked and can’t wait to meet all of you.

We like to end with our SCP top 5 questions this week…

Who would you have a secret pop crush on?
Justin Beiber..!
What is your reality TV weakness?
Oooh Big Brother and TOWIE, The Only Way From Essex. Its wicked.
Which pop singer would love to work with?
Rihanna as I absolutely love her and Nicki Minaj. But mostly Usher. He is INCREDIBLE.

We actually liked his last album!
Yeah its wicked, oh and Chris Brown too.

Just a few then! What has made you laugh so much, that a little bit of pee came out due to laughing?
I’m gonna day Jessie, as loast night we were so sad, we were doing prank calls.
Who did you prank call?
Well we are all Looney and we do accents and love being silly. We pranked called The Mend and the Loveable Rogues as well.

If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?
Flying. I’d love to have Wings to fly.

Nice tie in there…
See what I did there…

Hahaha. We like your style. So Leigh-Anne, thank you for your time today with SCP, we love you new single and thank you for coming into the pop world.
Thank you and see you in Australia soon..!

Little Mix new single Wings is available via iTunes now with some wicked mixes..!

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