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Friday, 26 October 2012

New Video Alert - Usher - Numb

Does Usher have it all? It seems like every single* he releases is a smash, he looks great, he's an amazing singer, a brilliant dancer, fantastic songwriter, stays out of controversy and is a nice guy to boot! If that's the measure of a success then he's done it and deserves it as well. Numb is is latest single from his album Looking 4 Myself and it's a pop R&B gem.  A very interesting and watchable video, filled with minute clips of Usher amongst moving images which work with the song very well - the pic above is taken from when he says 'strong' of course!! We love what he brings to music and we're pretty sure you do too. Check out Numb here now - Looking 4 Myself is available now on iTunes..!

*Note: When we say every single, Climax did do well in the charts however we are still not fans..!

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