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Saturday, 27 October 2012

New Video Alert - Taylor Swift - Begin Again

We think if they ever put the words 'crossover artist' in the dictionary, it would be very appropriate to accompany that with a photo of Taylor Swift. Arguably the best crossover artist the world has ever seen, Miss Swift is loved by both pop and country artist around the world! Not only this but she also appeals to a broad range of age groups - from 5-6 year olds to their great grandma's!! So successful is her formula that pretty much every song she releases is a hit. Her new single Begin Again should be no different. More a ballad than the up-tempo country/pop tracks we love, in the video we see Taylor and a handsome beau surrounded by a gorgeous back drop of Paris! We love it and so will you - check out the latest from Taylor Swift, Begin Again, here now..!

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