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Monday, 20 August 2012

SnapCacklePop Interview - Ricki-Lee

There is something we can’t help but like about Ricki-Lee, her attitude to life, her changing career and her return to music.  Its been 5 years since her last album and Fear and Freedom is worth the wait with ten uptempo dance pop tracks which is a fresh, fun & uplifting album. Our full review is coming later this week, however on the week her album Fear & Freedom was released,  we had the honor of catching up with the Crazy singer about her return and dedication to pop music, her new record, her recent European trip, her new BFF David Guetta, men in lycra and her reality TV show weakness..! 

Oh and we get to know her next new single..!

Hello Ricki-Lee, welcome back to SnapCacklePop
We only have 15minutes and it will never be enough...
I know right, we need more like an hour.

Firstly congratulations on your gig at the Beresford, it was jam packed. How did you feel it went?

I think I am still on a high from that show. It was amazing. After walking away from music 3 years ago and then to be performing once again in front of a crowd a whole new collection of songs, was just amazing. I have put so much energy into that show and the forthcoming Fear & Freedom Tour, that it was quite a build up and for it to be over so quickly as well. We’d put so much into the lead up to that gig and I expect a lot from everyone in my show and to showcase all my new material I have work on for so long and for it to be over just like that, I just wanted to keep the show going.

It must have been quite emotional too, returning to performing?
It certainly was, all the tracks say something about what I have been through and very personal songs from the new album, so it was great to perform them in front of that crowd. It was brilliant show.

Well its showcased your new material and you have now released the album Fear & Freedom, how excited must you be? So excited, it soo good to finally get my record out there for everyone to hear. 

Talking of your new album, it’s a very dancey album, was that you intention?
The content, the stuff I was writing about, really leant it self to this sound, it just kind of happened. And so the songs are extremely epic and uplifting and inspiring. I love this album. I had a goal in mind, that I wanted to make an album full of singles. I don’t know of an Australian pop artist whose whole album, from beginning to end could a single. Every song is just hit after hit. That was my goal, all killer no filler..!

Well we certainly agree with that, such great tracks. Can you give us insight into the album title – Fear & Freedom?
Well I really wanted to call it Bombshell

Why is that?
Well Bombshell is such a great word and I think for me, a Bombshell is a sexy, courageous and confident woman, who is powerful and in control. However, people may have taken that title to mean the physical connotation, not the strong woman  - everyone interprets things differently, so I just think Fear and Freedom is perfect and it took me a long time to get to that title! It came from listening to every song and Fear And Freedom title gave a snapshot about what every song was about. A lot of the songs are about overcoming fears and rising above anything that has weighed me down and not letting anyone hold me back. I do feel that now, after everything I have been through over the years, I have a sense of freedom that I have never had before.

And everyone can relate to that title we guess?
Yeah, totally. When you get to a point that you don’t care what people think, where you don’t let anybody force you into doing something you don’t want to do. I don’t let people treat me like shit, I don’t let people bring me down or hold me down. This is where it all came from and that the album is all about. Its always your fears that hold you back, from all the things you want to do. Its about choosing the things you want to do and being the person you want to be and not being afraid of what people might think, instead of getting stuck in a rut. If you can rise above it, you can experience freedom.

Can we talk about the video for Crazy?
We sure can.

We loved all the characters in the video, however which of the Ricki-Lee’s in the video is like the real Ricki-Lee?
[Laughs] Um I think the one that is most like me is the patient character.

Why is that?
That's the character I relate to the most. It reminds me back to myself in 2008/2009 when I felt like I was trapped and I was in a world that I just wanted to escape from as I was surrounded by negativity. I just felt like I was restricted. Held back and weighed down. Like I was controlled and sometimes like I was in prison. It was like I was a caged animal, that just wanted to escape but didn’t know how. So when I’m strapped to the ground in the clip and trying to rip my way out of leather straps, that look on my face is genuine, as it was opening up old wounds. Yet I ripped off the band-aid for the video and let it all hang out. 

Well we love the video and our favorite is when you are being carted off to the asylum.
Well my favorite part is when the patient escapes and is running down the hallway, however down every corridor she keeps seeing the nurse. And then one shot when I run up and smack into a closed door and turn round to be approach by the nurse strutting towards me. That nurse character looks so fierce..!

Have you ever played a naughty nurse before Ricki-Lee?
Well, its not the first time I’ve been in a nurse’s outfit. My boyfriend has certainly met that nurse before. [Laughs] I've just had a shorter dress and showing a little more skin. [Laughs]

So back to the album, apart from the singles releases what’s your fav track? 
I love every song and I’m not just saying that. [Laughs] I love Burn It Down – I think it’s such an epic song. When I do it at my shows, its lifts the roof off. Its one of those songs that you point your hands to the sky, you know. It’s so uplifting. I feel I could take off and fly when I sing that song. I also love Bombshell. Its really super intimate, quite sexual and the lyrics paint a picture.

Any of these track going to be released as the next single after Crazy?
I’d love Burn It Down to be the next single. I’ll be kicking and screaming if I don’t get it.

There’s an exclusive for SnapCacklePop.
It will be black eyes all round if I don’t get my way. [Laughs}

So last time we caught up Ricki-Lee, you were going to head to Europe. How did that go?
It was really good. I got to meet with the EMI team in the UK, who will be looking after me when I go over there and release the album, which was really nice.

Must have been nice to get to know the crew before hand?
Yeah totally and all the heads of the company gathered for a conference in Ibiza and I got to showcase my new album and meet all the big guns from each area. Everyone is all excited about the new album and can’t wait to have me in their territory. It was amazing.

What a great platform.
Yeah it was, then we went and saw David Guetta as Pacha and got to hang out with him. Managed to chat with him and since then we have been emailing back and forth.

Ricki-Lee and David Guetta BFFs, you heard it here first.
Its kind of surreal. I’m not a namedropper normally, however meeting him was awesome. He’s so talented. His show was amazing.

Lastly we have our big 5 SCP questions Ricki_lee, you have done these before so you should know what to expect…
Yep I’m ready.

And we have thrown in a couple of fan questions aswell…
I saw you asking those on Twitter… I’m ready.

David asked, what's your favorite spot in Sydney?
Its my favorite restaurant named Black is Star, Sydney. It used to be Rockpool or Icebergs, however now its Blacks. I go there at least once a week. I’m obsessed. 

What is your reality TV weakness?
OMG, that is the hardest question. I love trashy reality TV. However I think my favorite has to be Geordie Shore.

Love It.
I love it so much. However, also love the Kardashians too.

Oh really Ricki-Lee?
You are not down with the Kardashians? Well I love it. Also Giuliana & Bill, Fashion Police and The Shire is the most embarrassing thing to hit the screens of Australia. But its SOOOO good. Its such a train wreck that's good. 

So Jennifer asked, when was the last time you went Crazy?
Hmm, well the last time I went fully proper crazy is a time every month that every woman reading this will understand. [Laughs] Its true, every month, my boyfriend thinks I am a physco. [Laughs]

Which Olympic athletes do you most enjoy watching in Lycra? 
I like watching the athletics. The sprinters.

Yes indeed.
And I tell you something, my best friends, who are gay men. They scowl the internet searching for pictures of male gymnasts in lyrca.

[SCP Laughs]
Seriously, they are the best photo’s. They have to come up with a way to stop showing these men in all their athletic-ness.

We’ve actually done the same search in the SCP HQ Offices too.
No way. Hilarious. 

We asked you on Twitter the other day what tough question would you ask Ricki-Lee in an Interview?
That’s so hard. Oh I don’t know. I know you are going to ask me to answer it then.

Tweet it back to us after you have had some time to think.
yeah give me some time to think.

Ok Ricki-Lee we’ll keep you to that, so lastly, which superpower would you have and why?
Oh, you asked me this before and it never changes. I so would be invisible. So I can eavesdrop on people and listen in on their conversation. I can creep people out and throw shit across the room. Pull peoples pants down or hold up girls skirts and can really find out what goes on in men’s bathrooms. I sound like a real creep now. [Laugh]

Watch out for Ricki-Lee haunting you sometime soon.
I think my boyfriend would like me to be invisible about 1 week per month when I am in my Crazy mode. [Laughs]

Ricki-Lee its always a pleasure to catch up with you. We wish you ever success with you Fear And Freedom album and look forward to seeing you on tour soon. 

Thanks SnapCacklePop. Love you guys.
Next time Ricki-Lee we are doing our interview over a lazy lunch and many bottles of wine..!

Ricki-Lee's album Fear And Freedom is available on iTunes now!
Here is the next single from Ricki-Lee Burn It Down unless you want a black eye..!

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