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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

SnapCacklePop Interview - Chris Wallace

Recently we featured the new video Remember When (Push Rewind) from up & coming new artist Chris Wallace. We've been playing it for over a month and we're still loving it here! We've had the opportunity to catch up with Chris and we've asked him some questions about his music, his home town in Indiana and much more! Check out our interview with Chris Wallace here..!

Chris Wallace welcome to SnapCacklePop!
We love your song Remember When (Push Rewind) here at SCP and think it's a real pop anthem - tell us a bit about it?

Well thank you!! I'm so happy w/ it. 'Remember When' is a song about the girl I was dating when my music career began to take off. The line 'as my future got bright, we started losing light,' pretty much sums up how I was feeling when I wrote it. With the music I really wanted to give it an positive undertone, so the hard hitting beats and melody represent the celebration of looking back on great times we shared.

It's a great video too - was it lots of fun making it?

It was so much fun! I must say my favorite part was running into the ocean fully clothed w/ the girl in my arms. I've always wanted to do that

What was your favorite part of creating the song?

Oddly enough it was the first song written for my album 'push rewind.' It started as an uptempo dancey song. So during the process it was way fun to just crank up the studio speakers and rock out a little. 

It must be good to be getting your music out there and hearing it catch on?

Yeah it's pretty surreal. It still hasn't officially hit me that my music is all over the radio!! I'm so blessed to be in this position!

We believe you are working on an album, what can we expect?

Yes I am! My album is called Push Rewind… I'm currently working on the final song. I would say my album is an honest, hard hitting biography of my life so far. I'm so happy with it. 

Who have you been working with on the new material?

Some songs on the album I wrote myself, but most of the album I wrote and produced with Matt Rad. We actually met playing basketball in Hollywood, then decided to write songs together. We hit it off immediately the first day he came to my studio we wrote 'remember when!!'

Where do you take your inspiration from in your music?

Every song on my album is autobiographical. In the past, I would mostly make up fantasy scenarios about life and love. With 'push rewind' I wanted to be completely honest and personal. So all of my inspiration comes from either the past or present.

Any dates for an album yet you can exclusively let us know?

Still working on the exact date… 

Who are your musical inspirations?

My main inspirations growing up vary from Third Eye Blind, The Killers, Queen, Blink 182, Prince, and pretty much every pop song on the radio. I've always been obsessed w/ really catchy melodies and great lyrics. I really think it shows in my music. 

You say that you used to sing Freddie Mercury in your car - were you ever caught singing at the top of your lungs?

Yes all the time. I used to get a little nervous, but now I have no shame when i'm in the car. I still do it haha.

What’s your fav Freddie/Queen song?

The first queen song I fell in love with was Bicycle. I was pretty young, and I think it was the first song I ever connected with lyrically haha. 

Indiana has given us some pretty amazing musicians - other than yourself there's The Jackson Family, John Mellencamp, Axl Rose, Cole Porter and SCP favorite Jon McLaughlin - what is it about Indiana that nurtures these amazing talents?

I have no idea! Maybe it's all the cornfields in Indiana lol. I really think its just a matter of hard work and dedication. For me playing and writing music started as an outlet to getting out of a small town and see the world…

How has the response been to your music back in Indiana?

Lately I've been getting so much hometown love…It seems like everyone from back home is really rooting for me! I'm so thankful for it. 

What do you like to get up to in your spare time?

When there's time off on the road, I'm usually writing songs. I have a little portable keyboard/recording studio that I bring with me everywhere. When I'm home in LA, I usually surf or ride dirt bikes in my free time. 

What's been the most amazing thing about your musical journey so far?

Everyday is more amazing than the next. I mean, my job is to write music, travel the world, and sing songs. I'm grateful for every moment. If I had to choose one... it would be doing a month long tour with Lady Gaga right after she became a huge star. Sharing the stage with her and hanging out every night was pretty surreal… she is also an amazing person, I'd love to write a song with her one day!

What have you found the most weird to adjust to now you are in the music industry?

I guess once you start doing well the phone starts ringing a lot more often… I'm not a fan of fair-weather friends, so I just try to surround myself w/ real genuine people.

So what's next for you?

I'm doing tons of radio promo to promote Remember When. Visiting radio stations and meeting the people who play my songs is so important to me. So the next few months is dedicated to that. My fingers are crossed for a tour later this fall. 

We always like to finish off with the SCP Big 5 Questions - are you ready?

1 - What's your favorite karaoke song?

Sir Mix-a-Lot - Baby Got Back 

2 - Who's your secret pop crush?

3 - What's one thing you'll always find in your fridge?


4 - What's one thing that you might say is quirky about you?

I smile more than anyone you'll ever meet. 

5 - What is your reality TV show weakness?

I watched Dance Moms for the first time the other day. It was pure ridiculousness.

We'll have to watch it!! Thank you so much for spending some time with us at SCP and we hope you come down under for  tour soon!

Remember When (Push Rewind) is out now on iTunes (North America)..!

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