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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

SnapCacklePop Interview - Baker

New Yorker BAKER caught our attention at SCP HQ with his debut track Echo with its catchy and electronic beats. He then released Never Gonna Wait full of bouncy funky guitar rifts, Woohoo's & Trumpets we just had to catch up with this funky musician. Check out our interview with the fabulously funky BAKER where we talk his new single, his forthcoming album, fashion and laughing so loud pee's came out..!

Hi Baker, welcome to SnapCacklePopFirstly please explain your name for any fans out there?
It's my last name and it's what I've been called since the 1st grade. 

So just confirm you do not make any baked goods, like cakes, biscuits of muffins?
No in fact I'm COMPLETELY useless in the kitchen.

Glad we got that clarified. Now you have an awesome new track out Not Gonna Wait – tell us about it?
Me and my producer, Andrew WIlliams from the Young Boyz, were just messing around and we started making this beat that we knew could be something really special. Then we wrote everything else really quickly.

And the video was shot in New York? Was that fun to make?
It was the best! We had no budget and I just wanted to be walking the streets of Manhattan and singing. That's what came to mind when I was writing it.

Well we love any song with “Wahooo’s” and a good trumpet in,
and at SCP we are loving your sound, as its very funky, fresh and has some great hooks. Is this what we can expect from your forthcoming album?
Absolutely. "Not Gonna Wait" is just the beginning.

Who have you been working with on the album?
The Young Boyz in New York, Greg Ogan from The Writing Camp, Damon Sharpe, and Eric Sanicola from RedOne's team. It's been a great process learning so much about producing and writing and finding my own sound from these guys.

Have you got a title for the album yet?
I think it's gonna be a self-titled album. It's just easier that way.

You say on Facebook you want your songs/album to be “the catchiest, most danceable pop album ever”. Who are your influences?
Too many to mention! But I've been listening to a lot of M83, Sleigh Bells, and Rebecca & Fiona lately.

Who did you listen to growing up?
In NYC there's this super-famous radio station called Z100, and whatever was on there I memorized and sang alllll the time, to my parents' and sister's chagrin. Lots of 90s rock like The Verve Pipe, R&B like Brian McKnight and many, many others.

According Facebook you know “how to blow up a room” please explain?
You'll have to see me live to know what that means...

You are quite a handsome fella, have you ever done any modeling?
A little here and there but nothing serious.

What is your ideal date?
A movie. You can find out a lot about a person from how they watch a movie.

Where can we expect to find Baker hanging out in Manhattan on a weekend?
Well I'm too busy to go out like I used to cause it's not great for my voice. Buuuuuuut when I do go out I do something obnoxious and crazy fun like Lavo

You seem to like fashion and have a great sense of style, is fashion something that interests you?
Definitely I think it's important to dress well in order to live well. It's something my family instilled in me from a young age.

What trend/style do you hope will come back into fashion?
I have no idea lol

So you have an album on the way, you have some great funky tracks, you can sing, you are a good looking guy and you bake. What’s next for Baker?
Continuing to spread my music, go on tour, and take over the world.

Should we expect a tour?

If yes will this include Australia?
For sure Australia seems to really get pop music better than America lately.

So Baker, we always end our interview with the SCP big 5 questions this week..

…are you ready?

1) Who would you have a secret pop crush on?  
Lana Del Rey.
2) What’s the worst fashion disaster moment you have had?  
I was really nervous at a show I had not long ago. By the time I got on stage I was ok and gave a great show, but I had HUGE sweat stains the entire time. That was pretty bad... 
3) Who would you love to duet with?  
Lily Allen 
4) What has made you laugh so much, that a little bit of pee came out due to laughing so loud?  
Rob Delaney's tweets. Funniest comedian ever. 
5) What are you Not Gonna Wait for?   
For my takeover to begin. It starts right now.
Thanks Baker. Good luck with your forthcoming album and see you in Australia soon for a nice cold beer and a boogie..!

Bake will be performing a live show at Molly Malone's in LA on Friday, August 24th at 8:00pm
Get a copy of Bakers EP The Baker on iTunes now..!

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