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Monday, 6 August 2012

Lady Gaga reveals new album title..!

Still on her Born The Way Ball worldwide tour and releasing more tour dates, Lady Gaga has released these pictures which reveal her new album title ARTPOP. Currently working on the album whilst on tour with producer Fernando Garibay, no other details have been released, however the picture above shows a tattoos on Gaga's arm with ARTPOP spelled backwards, accompanied by another picture (below) saying "we could, we could, belong together ARTPOP"
 Ever since Gaga hit the charts in 2008 she changed the music scene with her music, videos and imagery. Bringing pop back to an art form once again, her influence can be seen in many new (and existing)  pop artist work and will not doubt challenge pop once again with her next album.
Until then here is Gaga performing Princess Die which is tagged to be on her new album. Enjoy..!

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