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Friday, 17 August 2012

Friday Song - Ricki-Lee..!

 We love someone with passion, we love someone who can't help but love pop. That's why we started our I LOVE POP campaign this week, to find those pop stars who actually love pop so much they want to stand up and be counted. Take the ex Australian Idol Ricki-Lee, who never gives up..! From starting out as a solo artist, being part of Young Divas, returning to being solo, given up on pop, turning to presenting and now the  come back to pop, giving is dance hit after dance hit with her brilliant new album Fear & Freedom (review coming soon). At SCP we love anyone with determination and Ricki-Lee oozes it out of every pop part of her sexy new body. RL, we are loving you right now, thats why the Friday Song  is dedicated to you Rick-Lee.

Fear & Freedom is out today and available on iTunes..!

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