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Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday Song - Mariah Carey..!

It was good to hear new tracks from emerging artists this week like Moya, Sam and the Womp and Birdy, with the latter claiming the #1 spot in both the singles and album iTunes chart. These newcomers are making pop royalty try new things and new directions, some with success and some with EPIC failure. We must admit, we were a little harsh on Mariah Carey's new track earlier this week, however it was deserved as SCP have come to expect more from our pop stars and their songs, especially the classic pop stars.  Look at Ricki-Lee, her new album is full of pure poptastic / dance tracks that will can kick off your weekend in the right way. Even Nelly Furtado raises the bar every time with her new song Parking Lot but still remains true to herself and that includes Girls Aloud, who have stuck to their winning formula with every record they have released. And of course Kylie delivers every time (well apart from Cosmic)..!

So Mariah, Madonna, Janet Jackson, George Michael and any other popstars who want to still rock the charts, please take note and stick to what made you pop royalty in the first place. 

With all that said, our Friday Song is dedicated to classic Mariah Carey.
Happy Friday everyone..!

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