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Sunday, 19 August 2012

And The Winner Is... Ricki-Lee Competition..!

Last week we gave you the chance of winning a copy of the brand new album Fear & Freedom by the gorgeous and lovely Ricki-Lee. 

Well after much deliberation we have our 5 winners....

Congratulations to...
Steven from Sydney, NSW
Jade from Shepparton, VIC
Steph from Ropes Crossing, NSW,
Meisha from The Entrance NSW
and Kimberly from somewhere..! 
(We are waiting for Kimberly to get in touch)

Thanks to everyone who entered, especially our winners who will be receiving a copy of Ricki-Lee's Fear And Freedom. Make sure you tune back in tomorrow for our interview the Crazy singer herself as we chat to her about her return to pop, her new record, reality TV and men in lycra..!

Until then here is one of the album tracks, Bombshell. Have you got your copy on iTunes yet of the very dance album Fear And Freedom? 

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