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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What to expect from the new Pink album..!

After the announcement last week that P!nk is returning to the charts after a couple of years break raising her daughter Willow, small cheer was let out around the SCP office. With her new single Blow Me (One Last Kiss) with its infectious melody and kick-ass lyrics have let the world know that P!nk is back and at her absolute best after gaining mass airplay on the radio and already at No.1 in the iTunes singles chart. However we wonder what to expect from the So What’s Singers new album?

Her 6th studio album, The Truth About Love will be released on September 14th in both a standard and deluxe version and is P!nk’s unique take on the different shades of love – the dark, the light, the happy and the sad

P!nk has teamed up with producer Greg Kurstin (Lily Allen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foster The People & The Shins) for the very first time on this release along with long time collaborators Max Martin and Shellback, Billy Mann and Butch Walker. She has also worked with songwriter/producer Dan Wilson (Adele’s Someone Like You). We are intrigued..!

Australian’s just love P!nk and its clear to see that P!nk loves it here to after 2009 Funhouse tour was expanded to a massive 58 shows due to popularity and earned her an Australian record for one recording artist, seeing her play to over 685,000 people.

Yes we were there and boy what a show it was..!

Its great to have P!nk back and we know she will deliver a corker album once again. She has come a long was since her There You Go debut ( yes we were fans from the start!) yet 65million record sales later and after giving us some of the greatest pop tracks over the last century, the gorgeous lady is welcomed the back into this pop world with open SCP arms.

We’ve missed you honey. Welcome home..!

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