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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

SnapCacklePop Interview - Christina Parie

Fresh from releasing her debut new single last week 16 & Unstoppable, we caught up X-Factor finalist Christina Parie to have a good chin way about her new single, forthcoming EP release, BOYS, Reece Mastin and what she would do if she had a superpower..!

Its the one, the only Christina Parie...

Hey Christina, welcome to SnapCacklePop...
Thank you so much...

Firstly, loving your new song, how excited must you be today after its release into the pop world?
Very excited yeah, I've been stalking the iTunes charts, on Twitter, its been really exciting.

It must be good to finally get your music out there?
Definately..! Its such a long process and I don't think people realise how much work goes on behind the scenes in getting a single out, but its good for it to be finally out. And now its just focusing on the next thing that people like it.

Tell us a bit about the track?
Its just a fun kind of track to say I'm 16, I'm only young once, I might as well live it up, have fun, do what I want and basically saying I'm unstoppable  and nothing you can say can stop me from doing what I want.

Thats a strong message to put out there...
Yeah definitely it is... its a message to  say don't worry it now, that your not fit enough, there something wrong with me or too caught up in what they want to do in the future, when the track is just about you are only going to be young once, worry about that stuff when you have grown up and become an adult and have to worry about that stuff

It sooo reminded SCP of early Avril Lavigne, is she your inspiration? 
Haha. Yes I definitely listened to alot of Avril when I was growing up. Arvil was the one who sung about teenage problems and boys and I listened to Arvil then and still listened to her now.

We checked out the acoustic covers on your YouTube channel especially loved the Titanium thats one of SCP's fav songs
Why thank you...

Who else is your inspiration?
 Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry. I love a lot of the old stuff like Sex Pistols and Runaways. I like a lot of other stuff Pretty Reckless  Blink, Simple Plan. I just have a lot of influences  from the complete pop, which is where I want to be, then to the punk and rock groups which I want to mesh two together.

Who are you listening to at the minute on your iPod?
I'm loving Ed Sheeran right now. It's amazing, I love it..!

What can we expect from your forthcoming EP?
You can expect a  lot of dynamic tracks, from the heartbreak songs to the really fun stuff. Just stuff I like to sing and I think you will be too see the tracks maturing through the EP. Every track is showing something different as me as an artist.

And when is the EP due out?
27th July 

Oooh how excited...
Yes very  - really excited to see what people think of it.

We hear you have been writing with The Veronica’s what was that like?
Jess from The Veronica's came into the studio one day and we were listen to the songs. And she loved the song Back to Life 

You’ve been slightly busy since leaving X-Factor, what have you been up to?
I've been writing, I did Reece's winners tour after X-Factor in December and January and now just got the Simple Plan tour after they heard me sing Jet Lag

Pop Fact
Chuck of Simple Plan was very impressed with Christina’s version of Jet Lag and through Twitter he congratulated her for such an amazing cover and publicly invited her to come and join them on stage during their Australian tour and sing Jet Lag live

So talking of Reece Mastin, he is having great success in the pop world, have you been catching up with him on how to handle this crazy world of pop?
Yeah we have been helping each other, we were actually at the Katy Perry premiere and had a great catch up  and asked me how I was doing, it was nice to chat and see how each other is going. We are good.

So you are not dating Reece then?
Haha, no no, we are just friends...

So are you dating anyone else at the minute?
No I'm single...

So if we SnapCacklePop could take you out on a first date, what would be your ideal first date?
Wine and dine me....hahaha

Well you are a Sydney girl, so where is the best place to take you?
I love italian, so take me to an italian restaurant.

We'll take you to a cosy place in Leichhardt, best italian in town. 
Ooooh great..!

So X-Factor is auditioning once more, what advice would you give to people auditioning this year?

 Just enjoy the experience, I had so much fun. Just keep your head on, keep working and of course deliver an outstanding performance every week.

Give it your best and work your little ass off (Haha)

Is it much different doing the X-Factor shows to what you are doing now?
On X-Factor everything was kinda laid out for you and you were told this is what is going to happen. Compared to what I am doing now, your a manager in yourself and set out goals about what you want to do and achieve yourself, as there is no one telling you the direction you need to tread anymore. Its about taking control and knowing the direction you want to take your career in.

Do you still stay in contact with Mel B?

Yeah I have actually, we just DM on Twitter, though I haven't seen her in a while but hopefully will soon.

So you have your single, you have your new EP, what is planned for the rest of the year?
More singles, will have another EP coming out, doing shows and touring and see how this all goes and we'll guess we'll take it from there.

Was it a big decision for your to take a break from school to be able to concentrate on your music career?
It was a big decision, but I know I won't look back and regret it. I have this opportunity is great and if I was in school my head would be somewhere else and I have to follow my heart and pass up this opportunity.

Well we wish you ever success with you EP and we always end our interviews with our silly  SnapCakclePop Big 5 questions...

 Who do you have a secret pop crush on?
I don't have a pop crush on anyone, well maybe Channing Tatum but he is married and has kids so...

So you are not a Justin Bieber fan then?
Well yeah, no...! He's cute but no..!

If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?
It would be invisibility. I would go everywhere, I could sneak into everywhere , it would be great..! No one could catch you..!

 Who would you love to do a duet with?
P!nk - Something with her would be awesome. 

Are you loving her new song Blow Me (One More Kiss) ?
Yeah I am, love it. But would also like to do something with a rapper too, I think that would be cool.

 What really annoys you about boys?
They stink and they are just boys..! Hahaha, nah they are cute, but still stink..!

  What’s one thing you we would never guess about you?
I actually have really curly hair that takes forever to straighten.

How long do you spend in the hairdresser each morning?
I know right, its a tough job..!

Well thank you Christina. Good luck in the crazy pop world and look forward to your EP due out soon.
Thanks guys

Christina Parie new single 16 & Unstoppable is available on iTunes now..!

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