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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pete's Pop Picks

Massari - Brand New Day
Brand New Day was a stumble upon song for me. A few hours searching the web for new tracks at first I went straight past this track - 'never heard of him, this big buff guy's music will be awful' I thought. Then I gave it a try. Wow! This is one very cool song. One of the catchiest i've heard for ages, combining Pop & Dance with a Euro flavour that still represents his native Lebanon. Now based in Canada, Massari has a big back catalogue of videos on his YouTube channel and includes a behind-the-scenes video for Brand New Day which is about to be released. Listen to Brand New Day - you'll agree that Pete's Pop Pick of the week is one catchy song..!

Jasmine Villegas - Didn't Mean It
Before you watch this video we gotta warn you - it's quite confronting. The subject matter behind Didn't Mean It is domestic violence. And it comes from a personal place for Jasmine Villegas. Shortly after this video starts, it cuts away to a scene which many women face daily that verges on shocking. Not quite what you expect from a music video but it really delivers the message. If Jasmine looks familiar it's because she was Justin Bieber's love interest in his video for Baby and since then she's had some acting gigs but it was music she was really passionate about. Now signed to Sony, Jasmine is serious about being a credible artist and Didn't Mean It, a personal journey for Jasmine, will help get here there..!

Psanders - Better Than Me
I was very surprised to find out that Psanders is an unsigned artist! Better Than Me is a Rap/R&B single that you'd expect to be released from an artist with years of experience and an army of record company execs behind him! Peyton Sanders doesn't have any of that but this 17 year old lad from Atlanta has a truck load of talent that's already getting him noticed. Better Than Me is a mature song, with a vibe and energy that really shines through. Soooo Sony, Universal, Warner... you listening to the song below? You should be..!

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