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Saturday, 21 July 2012

New Video Alert - ZZ Ward - Put The Gun Down

Warning - make sure your iTunes account is up-to-date before you watch this video, as you'll want to buy this new single from ZZ Ward immediately! How do we know this? It happened to us!! We just stumbled across this track in our web wanderings and it just blew us away - Put The Gun Down has soul & passion, it's fiery & powerful with a wicked beat and memorable riffs and is up there for one of our favourite releases for 2012. ZZ Ward grew up listening to her father play the Blues and she was inspired by legendary artists like Etta James & Muddy Waters whilst when she was older she grew a passion for Rap - it's these two genres that fuse in her music and it really works!! Check out Put The Gun Down here now and fall in love with ZZ Ward yourself. Her new E.P. Criminal is out now on iTunes..!

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