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Saturday, 7 July 2012

New Video Alert - The Darkness - Everybody Have A Good Time

British rock band The Darkness arrived on the music scene with a bang back in 2003, with their super powerful single I Believe In A Thing Called Love invoking memories of Freddie Mercury in Queen! Those powerful falsetto vocals of lead singer Justin Hawkins brought a whole new fan base back to rock but they never had a single with the same success as their debut single following. The band split in  2006 with band members going their own ways in new bands, leaving The Darkness in the past. Well everything old is new again and The Darkness is back now with a hot new single Everybody Have A Good Time! The quirky nature of the band comes across as always in their funny video but the track does not have the quirkiness we expected. It's more mainstream rock - not a bad thing, just not quite like I Believe In A Thing Called Love. It is a good track and the video is definitely worth watching - check out Everybody Have A Good Time here now..!

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