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Thursday, 12 July 2012

New Video Alert - Aerosmith - Legendary Child

Yes you read that correctly - this is the new single and video from the legendary Aerosmith! 2012 must be the year of the re-unions with legendary acts like Matchbox 20 and No Doubt back on the airwaves but seeing Aerosmith back really is amazing!! No doubt spurred on by his judging duties on Idol, Steven Tyler and the boys bring us their new single Legendary Child, with an interesting and unique introduction on the video! Aerosmith have never followed the crowd so we shouldn't be surprised we guess! Their last single was Jaded back in 2001, so with eleven years after that and almost 40 years since their debut you'd think they might have lost a little of their magic - no. Rocking as hard as ever, welcome back Aerosmith..!

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