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Saturday, 21 July 2012

New Single Alert - Archeo - The Payback

Being the next Calvin Harris, having a distinct air of cool, making music that pops and is instantly catchy new music is just a few things that have been described about Archeo
Though bit more boyband (ish) that DJ producer like Harris, we can understand the feeling towards this 21-year old singer, songwriter and producer Archeo (pronounced Ar-Kay-O). The Mr. Waltmann produced new track The Payback serves up a delightful addictive pop track with edge that is fresher than Bieber, on same level with Timberlake yet has a funky like a new version on N-Sync for the new century. Following up to singles Mr. General and Glass Half Empty the new track will be available on 2ndSeptember through his own label Music Mantra.

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