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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Introducing.. Josh Gilligan

In our random wandering of the music world occasionally we stumble across something that truly surprises us. 20 year old Josh Gilligan from Florida is one of those surprises. Showing a musical maturity beyond his years Josh Gilligan is one of those natural talents. He's been surrounded by music all his life, learning the trumpet at age 11, followed then by base, guitar and piano and this love of music shows in his debut album Flesh & Blood.

Recorded at a friends lake house, the album reflects the relaxed atmosphere of where it was created, His style is folk but on the pop/rock side and his vocals have a real command over his style of music. What we found interesting is that he's bought lots of his own equipment second hand off Craigslist - we like that. Not only does his music have character and depth, so does the instruments he plays! Josh loves writing, creating and performing outside - he says "New seasons always bring about new emotions that open up the door for me to write fresh material. I write best outside with my guitar. Most of my songs were written outside. It's a fun process. I try to keep it stress-free and not force anything."

With influences like Ryan Adams and Wilco we could say more about Josh Gilligan but we really think that his music should speak for him. We have for you a sample of his new album Flesh & Blood for you below. Listen to it. Take it in. There's just one thing we keep thinking listening to Flesh & Blood. If Josh Gilligan is this good at age 20, how amazing will he be in 10 years time?  Flesh & Blood is available now on iTunes..!

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