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Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday Song - Little Mix

It's been a big weekend in pure pop perfection with an X-Factor overload with new songs from UK contestants  Misha B and Amelia Lily and of course home grown talent Christina Parie saying she is 16 & Unstoppable. And let us not forget the K-Pop explosion with Wonder Girls and awesome track from 2NE1. Love it..! But back to X-Factor and the awesome acts it is discovering worldwide, which is why we are dedicating our Friday song to a fairly new act..!

For anyone who does not know what a Friday Song is, let SCP explain..! 
It's a song that you can let your hair down to, a song that gets you ready for a night out with your mates and a song that gets you ready to burn up the dance floor. A song with funky beats, infectious lyrics and huge sing-ability!   Sometimes they are classic pop tracks, sometimes pop tracks of old and new and sometimes they are just song that tick all the pop boxes that it just needs to be saluted for the contribution to the pop world. 

With all that said, our Friday song is SO over played at SCP HQ right now as THIS track is pure pop at its best..! We know we have featured these guys before however our Friday Song is dedicated to Little Mix, coz girls... this song is fierce and honeyz... we are just loving it..!

Happy Friday everyone..!

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