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Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday Song - Enrique ft Luciana..!

By now you should now that SCP just loves pop, especially as it is like love on tap..! It just doesn't stop..! Take this week. From new singles like Pound The Alarm from Nicki Minaj, dance fuelled track from Florence and the Machine and the return of The Veronicas with new track Lolita. Pop love of new material from Joss Stone returning to her roots with a new offering of Soul Sessions and loving new pop video's from Kimbra, Crazy Ricki-Lee and awesome clip from P!nk 
But our favourite pop love is a pop crush. That love of a pop star you can't live with out. A pop crush is hard to ignore, it's like being with a cute puppy, you just can't get enough. Well that is how we feel with Luciana, especially when she is mixing it up with latin pop god Enrique Inlesias. Pop crush heaven. Its hard to ignore this Brit girl... charming, funny and now singing (kind of) with Enrique....can she get more loveable..! Check out her video mash-up below..!
Happy Friday everyone..!

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