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Friday, 20 July 2012

Friday Song - Booty Luv

Some weeks in Pop are good, some are great, yet this week's was EPIC in every sense of the word..! With  interview's with Justice Crew boys & Christina Parie, checking out the Ladyhawke gig, new music from punk band Green Day and Ricki-Lee getting a little Crazy on us, new video's from Madge, Ne-Yo and Tino Coury. Interesting news was that we found out that George Michael spoke  country..! Nothing new there then..! And Bieber fever hit Australia. Yet the highlight at SCP office this week was the return of No Doubt with their brilliant new single Settle Down. We are still in shock how good the band looks ten years on! Its like they haven't aged a day..!

Happy everyone, here is something to get your disco moves on ready for the weekend.
It's Booty Luv..! Over to you girls..!

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