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Monday, 30 July 2012

EP Review - Kamin - Hello

Though SCP love most pop and will basically listen to anything, we do have high expectations of our pop stars, both new and old, to keep pop fun and fresh. Some new pop stars get a bit tied down in the same old same old routine, of pumping out the same sounding tracks. So when new pop stars emerge like Karmin, who give us a new fun slice of pop, we just love it.

Karmin are pop duo Amy & Nick who we have been praising ever since we heard their debut single Brokenhearted back in March..! Now they have released their EP called Hello which Amy says “We thought it was a perfect title, because it’s our introduction album. When you hear the songs in a row, you’re going to hear our story,”

The EP continues to offer up the same pop/hip-hop theme as their debut single, with 7 tracks of funky beats, flawless rapping & catchy chorus’, this stylish pop has been named “swag pop” and gives pop a new modern edge. The duo work with heavy weight producers Tricky Stewart and Stargate to create a new sound that would set them aside from being just artists who do covers. Overall, the EP is pleasant enough with 7 quirky tracks with standouts being lead single Brokenhearted and forthcoming single Hello. Check it out.

The only small criticism we could have is the mix of over rapping verses singing, as we think the balance is out on a couple of tracks. That said, Amy is flawless in delivery, that we can live with it, due to the fact the sound is fresh and funky.
Check out our interview with the gorgeous Amy now, then check out Brokenhearted which is marked down as a contender for our favourite songs 2012 in this years SCP Music Awards..!

Hello is available on iTunes now..!

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