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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pete's Pop Picks

Massari - Brand New Day
Brand New Day was a stumble upon song for me. A few hours searching the web for new tracks at first I went straight past this track - 'never heard of him, this big buff guy's music will be awful' I thought. Then I gave it a try. Wow! This is one very cool song. One of the catchiest i've heard for ages, combining Pop & Dance with a Euro flavour that still represents his native Lebanon. Now based in Canada, Massari has a big back catalogue of videos on his YouTube channel and includes a behind-the-scenes video for Brand New Day which is about to be released. Listen to Brand New Day - you'll agree that Pete's Pop Pick of the week is one catchy song..!

Jasmine Villegas - Didn't Mean It
Before you watch this video we gotta warn you - it's quite confronting. The subject matter behind Didn't Mean It is domestic violence. And it comes from a personal place for Jasmine Villegas. Shortly after this video starts, it cuts away to a scene which many women face daily that verges on shocking. Not quite what you expect from a music video but it really delivers the message. If Jasmine looks familiar it's because she was Justin Bieber's love interest in his video for Baby and since then she's had some acting gigs but it was music she was really passionate about. Now signed to Sony, Jasmine is serious about being a credible artist and Didn't Mean It, a personal journey for Jasmine, will help get here there..!

Psanders - Better Than Me
I was very surprised to find out that Psanders is an unsigned artist! Better Than Me is a Rap/R&B single that you'd expect to be released from an artist with years of experience and an army of record company execs behind him! Peyton Sanders doesn't have any of that but this 17 year old lad from Atlanta has a truck load of talent that's already getting him noticed. Better Than Me is a mature song, with a vibe and energy that really shines through. Soooo Sony, Universal, Warner... you listening to the song below? You should be..!

New Video Alert - Jennifer Lopez - Goin' In ft. Flo Rida

Last week Jennifer Lopez released her greatest hits album Dance Again ... The Hits and to follow up has now given us the video for one of the bonus tracks that features on the album Goin' In. The video was produced by LMFAO's frequent contributor, GoonRock and opens with Lopez blowing dandelion with crystal covered lips, then launches into array of street dance moves, laser visuals like her old hit Waiting For Tonight and glitter galore..! Oh and Fo-rida runs around shirtless for a while too..!

Not only does Goin' In feature on J.Lo greatest hits, it will also feature on the soundtrack to Step Up Revolution due out this week.

Dance Again ... The Hits is available on iTunes now..!

New Video Alert - Scissor Sisters - Let's Have A Kiki

Thanks to a fan made video a Scissor Sisters album track is gaining popularity. Taken from their new album Magic Hour, Scissor Sisters have released their “instructional video” for quirky song Let’s Have a Kiki”. The New Yorker's provide much entertainment in the clip and see’s Ana Matronic and gang providing details of what a “Kiki” actually is..! Ana has come out on record saying that a “Kiki” is “a party for calming all your nerves.” yet it has also been referenced as a good laugh, as slang of womans-parts in the Philippines and also slang for cocaine..! What ever it is, it is a fun clip from the Sisters, which was filmed in the Kiki Institute of Mental Instability.

Oh... SCP has been there..!

Magic Hour is available on iTunes now..!

Monday, 30 July 2012

New Video Alert - Mary J Blige - Don't Mind

If you love R&B you love Mary J Blige - that's a given. One of the smoothest voices in music who's talent is as amazing as her vocals, has an all new song called Don't Mind. This is one funky, smooth, soulful track. It's beautifully simple and showcases Mary's vocals perfectly. The video is simple too but effective - we see just Mary in the clip with a variety of backgrounds - and that's all you need when the artist and song is that good. Check out Mary J Blige in Don't Mind here now..!

New Single Alert - The Script - Hall Of Fame Feat. is HUGE in the U.K. His appearance on The Voice UK endeared him with the British people he was even invited to be a part of the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations! Well fellow Voice judge Danny O'Donoghue has recognised this popularity and brought him on board for the new single from his band The Script. Their new single Hall Of Fame sounds like classic The Script and it's been released just in time for the London Olympics. The inspirational nature of the song will surely inspire the athletes to do their best and aim for the highest highs. A great track and we can't wait to see the video - in the meantime we have the lyric video for Hall of Fame for you here now..!

New Single Alert - Delta Goodrem - Dancing With A Broken Heart

Delta's last single Sitting On Top Of The World was a big success for her - however at the time she was riding the wave of amazing popularity of The Voice. With The Voice now over, her new single Dancing With A Broken Heart will be a real test of her current popularity. Starting out a bit slow before moving into a dance beat it sound a bit Tina Cousins but with Delta's familiar vocals. The big question for us with this new single is what direction does Delta want to go? She's had a background of solid pop songs and built a strong base of fans with this but will her fans warm to her new dance style? We think the song is... nice.. somehow though we don't think that this will be a chart smash for Delta. Have a listen to Dancing With A Broken Heart here now..!

EP Review - Kamin - Hello

Though SCP love most pop and will basically listen to anything, we do have high expectations of our pop stars, both new and old, to keep pop fun and fresh. Some new pop stars get a bit tied down in the same old same old routine, of pumping out the same sounding tracks. So when new pop stars emerge like Karmin, who give us a new fun slice of pop, we just love it.

Karmin are pop duo Amy & Nick who we have been praising ever since we heard their debut single Brokenhearted back in March..! Now they have released their EP called Hello which Amy says “We thought it was a perfect title, because it’s our introduction album. When you hear the songs in a row, you’re going to hear our story,”

The EP continues to offer up the same pop/hip-hop theme as their debut single, with 7 tracks of funky beats, flawless rapping & catchy chorus’, this stylish pop has been named “swag pop” and gives pop a new modern edge. The duo work with heavy weight producers Tricky Stewart and Stargate to create a new sound that would set them aside from being just artists who do covers. Overall, the EP is pleasant enough with 7 quirky tracks with standouts being lead single Brokenhearted and forthcoming single Hello. Check it out.

The only small criticism we could have is the mix of over rapping verses singing, as we think the balance is out on a couple of tracks. That said, Amy is flawless in delivery, that we can live with it, due to the fact the sound is fresh and funky.
Check out our interview with the gorgeous Amy now, then check out Brokenhearted which is marked down as a contender for our favourite songs 2012 in this years SCP Music Awards..!

Hello is available on iTunes now..!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

New Video Alert - Cheryl Cole - Under The Sun

Ooh Cheryl we like this! Still riding high on the success of Call My Name, Cheryl Cole has followed this up with a less dance, more pop, sexy new single Under The Sun! This is pop at its core - great vocals, wicked beat, harmonies, lots of musicality and a damn fine video to go along with it! Filmed in London with the same director as Call My Name, we see Cheryl looking fine with that amazing toned stomach dancing around with hot guys (of course) in suits in this 60's homage video. We loved every second of Under The Sun and reckon Cheryl's onto another winner here..!

New Video Alert - Sneaky Sound System - Friends

We love a bit of Sneaky Sound System round SCP HQ and their last album From Here to Anywhere is a favourite on the SCP radio. Recently we brought you the great single Friends with some great remixes, now they've dropped their new video and it's great! Filmed in Tokyo we see people with animal heads on making their way around the city! We kid you not..! As funny as it is to see these people walking around, what's even funnier is the reaction of the Japanese people around them - there is none!! 
Brilliant video from Sneaky for an awesome song, check out the video to Friends here now..!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

New Alert Video - Rizzle Kicks - Dreamers

UK rap duo, Rizzle Kicks have just released the brand new video for their latest track Dreamers! Taken from their debut album Stereo Typical the Ant Whiting produced track has a laid back beat and their usual slick on-topic rhymes; Rizzle Kicks filmed the video for Dreamers at the legendary Pikes in Ibiza, adding to the already diverse history of stars that have partied in its villas.

Check out the clip below and get your copy of Stereo Typical on iTunes now

New Video Alert - The Killers - Runaways

We just LOVE that The Killers are back! When we reviewed their new track Runaways earlier this month we had the track on repeat for days! The only thing more we wanted was the video - and now it's here.. but.. it's not what we expected. The song is great, the video quite simple. Just the boys with a black background and some funky effects. Simple yet effective. I suppose with all the massive videos out there with big releases like Maroon 5's Payphone, it's kind of a nice change to see something simple. Why don't you check it out for yourself here now..!

New Music Video - Baker - Not Gonna Wait

We featured Baker back in May and the New York singer has just released a new music video for his single, Not Gonna Wait. Don’t let his Harvard degree confuse you as Baker can create some really funky music for a nerd..!

His vocal comfortably sits on the bouncy funky guitar rifts, that reminds us a bit of previous dance tracks from Enrique Iglesias. Throw in lots of
“Wahooo’s” and a good trumpet and you have a great funky dance track. Check out the new single below and watch out for our interview with the Manhatten dude coming soon..!

New Book Alert - Name That Song - Little Gonzalez

Last year SCP went along to a gallery exhibit of Sydney artist Little Gonzalez. We were blown away by his amazing Pop Art of musicians like Amy Winehouse, Madonna and Daft Punk - the colour, motion and texture of his work you could just stare at for hours!! Now Little Gonzalez has just released his first book - a brilliant Name That Song pictorial where you try to guess the name of the song from the illustrated picture! For example - look at the picture above - can you guess the song? We have the answer for you below, but first here are a couple of other great Name That Song pictures for you..!
Did you guess them? Well we wont ruin them for you but if you're absolutely busting for an answer message us and we'll let you know! The cover photo if you havent yet guessed is London Calling by The Clash! Clever hey?!

Little Gonzalez's book Name That Song is out now at!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday Song - Enrique ft Luciana..!

By now you should now that SCP just loves pop, especially as it is like love on tap..! It just doesn't stop..! Take this week. From new singles like Pound The Alarm from Nicki Minaj, dance fuelled track from Florence and the Machine and the return of The Veronicas with new track Lolita. Pop love of new material from Joss Stone returning to her roots with a new offering of Soul Sessions and loving new pop video's from Kimbra, Crazy Ricki-Lee and awesome clip from P!nk 
But our favourite pop love is a pop crush. That love of a pop star you can't live with out. A pop crush is hard to ignore, it's like being with a cute puppy, you just can't get enough. Well that is how we feel with Luciana, especially when she is mixing it up with latin pop god Enrique Inlesias. Pop crush heaven. Its hard to ignore this Brit girl... charming, funny and now singing (kind of) with Enrique....can she get more loveable..! Check out her video mash-up below..!
Happy Friday everyone..!

New Video Alert - Pink - Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

VERY exciting news just announced from P!nk-world... WE HAVE A BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEO!
Taken from her forthcoming album The Truth About Love, the No.1 single marks the return of the singer to the airwaves after taking time out to raise her daughter Willow. The black & white video is directed by longtime collaborator Dave Meyers is a whimsical nod to classic French cinema similar to the film The Artist.

Pre-order your copy of P!nk's new album The Truth About Love on iTunes now

Nw Single Alert - The Veronicas - Lolita

They hooked us up, gave us This Love and left us Untouched. Now after a couple of years hiatus, The Veronicas are bringing us the new single Lolita from their brand new album due out later this year.
After their sold out 2009 Revenge is Sweeter Tour, The Veronicas have taken a couple of year off in the United States to play some local gigs and work on some new material.
The Veronicas have had two Top 5 album's The Secret Life Of... and Hook Me Up and 9 singles in the Australian Top 10, including Hook Me Up reaching #1. Its nice to have the girls back who will soon be in the country to promote their new single. 

Check out the new track here..!

Dizzie Rascal unveils his official Olympics song..!

We love a bit of Dizzee Rascal and thrilled that he is releasing one of the official London 2012 Olympic Games songs featuring Dizzee’s protégé and newest Dirtee Stank signing Katie Pepper, who we also LOVE..! Scream is one of the official songs for the sports presentation programme of the London 2012 Olympic Games.  Dizzee is joined by a stellar line up of some of biggest acts in the UK including Muse, Chemical Brothers, Delphic and Elton John / Pnau to record the five official songs of the London 2012 Olympic Games sports presentation programme and to be part of the recently-announced Rock the Games music programme.

Scream will be released on 5th August and is available to pre-order now

Check it out below..!!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

New Single Alert - Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm

Nicki Minaj is back with this rave/house-pop track Pound the Alarm the fourth track taken from her second studio album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. Teaming up with RedOne on her new track the Trinidadian singer follows up the hugely popular Starships with yet another track that will be a club classic in no time. The soon to be released carnival themed video, was shot in Trinidad at Queen’s Park Savannah and was directed by long time collaborator Benny Boom, who filmed Minaj's Beez in the Trap and Right by My Side
Check out the track below and we'll keep you posted on the video.
Roman Reloaded is available on iTunes now..!

New Video Alert - Ellie Goulding - Hanging On Feat. Tinie Tempah

Ellie Goulding is having one of the biggest years of her life. Her single Lights has been a smash hit around the world, especially in The States, where she's really taken off. That Pop track really put her on the map but for her follow up she's going a completely different direction! She's covered a 2011 song from electronic artist Active Child called Hanging On and she's brought in fellow Brit Tinie Tempah to provide the rap. Ellie's vocals are simply amazing - she's got such a command of the high notes that sound just stunning in this track. The video is quite simple but very watchable and there's no Tinie appearing despite his quite long rap. We love the track but somehow we don't think it will have the same success as Lights. Check out Hanging On here now..!

New Video Alert - Jack White - Freedom At 21

Jack White has unveiled his new video for Freedom at 21 the third video from his universally acclaimed debut record Blunderbuss. The clip is directed by Hype Williams, whose trailblazing 1990s work with 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G. and Missy Elliott defined the modern hip hop visual aesthetic--and whose more recent clips for Kanye West and Nicki Minaj expanded it that much further.

For his first interpretation of a Jack White song, Williams infuses his signature style with elements of classic American Grindhouse--the result being a clip that defies and smashes the conventions and boundaries of both the hip hop and rock video worlds.

Check it out below and get your copy of Blunderbuss on iTunes now..!

New Video Alert - Ricki-Lee - Crazy

What's better than one sexy singer Ricki-Lee, how about three, one slightly more crazy than the other..! Well that is what you get with her new video. After teasing fans with sneak peeks and the premiere on Sunrise this morning, the sexy clip for Ricki-Lee’s new single Crazy is officially out.

Filmed in an abandoned asylum in Sydney, the video definitely lives up to its name, as Ricki-Lee dresses up as a provocative nurse, patient and psychiatrist 

Check it out below. Ricki-Lee's album Fear and Freedom is out August 17th.
Pre-Order on iTunes now

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

New Video Alert - Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen - Good Time

When you team up the hottest new thing in Pop and one of the worlds most talented Singer/Songwriters you're bound to get a smash hit! That's what Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City have with their new video Good Time. We've been loving the track for over a month now and we've just been alerted via Twitter that the video is out and we have it for you here now! A typical American weekend road-trip and country getaway is the theme for the video with both Carly Rae & Mr City bringing their friends along for a good 'ol fashioned party! The video suits the track perfectly and is lots of fun and we predict it should help both Carly Rae & Owl City reach number one again! Check out the video for Good Time here now..!

New Video Alert - Natasha Duarté - Punch Me In The Heart

Punch Me In The Heart is a dream come true for Natasha Duarté. This Sydney girl has a passion for music, in 2007 after performing at Acer Arena she won the coveted 'Kick Start' Career prize, and received a massive $10K prize! She has also been a semi finalist with her tracks Good Day and Taken in the UK Song writing Competition and this year a Finalist for You Don't Know Me. 17 year old Natasha came first in the ACMF Songwriting Competition where 11,000 schools participated too! Now signed by Empire Records in Melbourne she's just released her new single and video Punch Me In The Heart, a fun Pop track that sounds like a cross between Carly Rae Jepsen and The Veronicas! A great song to introduce herself to the world, check out Punch Me In The Heart here now..!

New Single Alert - Florence + the Machine -Spectrum (Say My Name) (Calvin Harris Mix)

Currently sitting at the UK number one spot for the last 3 weeks is new track from Florence + The Machine remixed by Calvin Harris. Spectrum (Say My Name). The song was written by Florence Welch and man of the moment Paul Epworth who help Adele write her smash hit album 21 and fuses Florence's Baroque Pop style and power vocals with the banging beats of a Calvin Harris classic tune..! The combo is pure magic, check it out below..!

Album Review - Joss Stone: The Soul Sessions Vol. 2

When The Soul Session first was released 10 years ago it sold over 5 millions copies and made Joss Stone and instant star winning her various Grammy and Brit awards. Once again teaming up with the label that first signed her, S- Curve Records, she is back with The Soul Sessions Volume 2 which will be released on July 27. 

But does it measure up as the original or fall slightly flat like her last album?

Opening with I Got The… it sets the scene for the rest of the album full of powerful, comforting, slow burning soul covers, that we first loved about Stone in Sessions 1 and which her previously offerings have not fully delivered. Then bursting into (For God's Sake) Give More Power to the People which was originally sung by American soul group The Chi-Lites back in 1971, the new version gives you comfort that Stone is back in her groove and gets you jamming along in no time.

The album continues from strength to strength with soul gem after gem, including first single to released While You Are Out Looking For Sugar originally recorded by The Honey Cone which showcases Stones stunning vocal ability, poise and passion for soul music. 
Reuniting with producer Steve Greenberg she's produced an album of great strong covers and show a matured vocal ability of Stone, as she knocks out tracks by Dorothy Moore, The Dells and Teardrops by Womack & Womack that was also covered back in 1993 by Elton John & K.D. Lang. 

Then you have current single The High Road, which is a stone-cold soul makeover of Broken Bells’ cult hit which is just beautiful reconstructed version of the original and stones power vocals.

It’s a grand return for Joss Stone, with an album of perfect soul covers, produced brilliantly and sung beautifully. If you loved the first session of soul, then you’ll just love the second. 

Joss Stone - The Soul Sessions Volume 2 is out next Monday. 
Order your copy on iTunes now. Check out this full album sampler below..!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

New Single Alert - Two Door Cinema Club - Sleep Alone

When Two Door Cinema Club first came to our attention with Come Back Home we were mightily impressed. This band from Ireland have gained a huge following even after just one album, their second, Beacon, due out in September, will surely gain them even more! Their new single is Sleep Alone and we have the lyric video for you here now. The picture you see is also the album cover for Beacon - interesting huh?! The song is very Two Door - unique vocals with a super fast beat and full of musicality. We'll bring you the video when it's out but in the meantime check out Sleep Alone here now..!

New Video Alert - Kimbra - Two Way Street

Somehow at SCP HQ last week we missed the debut of the new video from Kimbra for her new single Two Way Street. The track was written after a stroll down Hollywood boulevard, its titular avenue acting as a metaphor for love. The downward progression of stuttered pianos in the verse conveys a lovelorn desire before the glittering chorus of starry-eyed keys are placated by a gorgeous strings arrangement. Kimbra’s yearning singing retains an emotional core as its keen melodic hooks sink deep. The video directed by Matthew Rolston was filmed at the historic Pasadena City Hall and in the picturesque grounds of the Pasadena Arts Centre in California.

Kimbra will return to Australia next month for Splendour in the Grass and then head to the UK and Europe for her album release there.

New Video Alert - Anastacia - Deeper Love

Is this the future of music? As much as we're SO EXCITED about the return of Anastacia there is one thing about her new track that's holding us back... and maybe we're falling right into Skoda's trap!! Regardless we love Anastacia - from the first time that we heard her belting out one of our all time favourite songs I'm Outta Love to her breast cancer battles we've loved everything she does. Her new track Deeper Love is a remake of the Aretha Franklin track and it's been recorded to be not only a single but also an advertisement for the new Skoda Citigo which has also been advertised by Anastacia. Filmed in Budapest, the home of the Czech car maker, the video centres around Anastacia driving the little car around the town singing the song, getting in trouble with parking cops, flirting with cute bakers and much more! The song is awesome, the video is fun but it is a bit of a sell-out. All is forgiven however as we love this legendary chick! Check out Deeper Love here now..!
Anastacia is pretty funny in the Citigo ad too! Have a watch here..!

New Video/Album/Tour Alert - Ingrid Michaelson

Indie Pop girl Ingrid Michaelson’s music certainly speaks for itself due to her back catalogue featuring on Grey's Anatomy, Bones and One Tree Hill to name just a few. Following up her last single Ghost’s, the New York singer has released Blood Brothers the second single from her forthcoming album Human Again.  With her unique vocals full of passion, the quirky clip see’s the singer sitting in a make up chair being dressed up into various icon’s, including Lady Gaga, John Lennon, KISS and David Bowie. Her latest album Human Again, has done well in the States reaching number 5 in the Billboard charts and is set to be released on August 24 ahead of her September East Coast Tour of Australia. 

Speaking of the forthcoming LP “The album is called Human Again because it’s taken me a very long time to be happy,” explained Michaelson. “The music on this album might surprise some people. I was really singing out, physically; I figured, ‘Why don’t I just put that out on at least one record in my career—let it all hang out?’ ”

Tickets for Michaelson’s East Coast tour of Australia in September are on sale now and will see her playing on the following dates:

Brisbane Festival, The Courier-Mail Speigeltent, BRISBANE


Corner Hotel, MELBOURNE

FRI 14 SEPTEMBER         
Metro Theatre, SYDNEY [ALL AGES]

Monday, 23 July 2012

Sneak Peak - Zoë Badwi - Shoot Me Down

Australia's first lady of dance Zoë Badwi is back with her new single called Shoot Me Down with superstar producer Frank-E who has previously worked with Madonna, Justin Bieber, Black Eyed Peas and Kayne West. The song commences with Zoe's beautiful tones with a wall-shaking bassline before charging head first into a heavy synth chorus giving us a fresher more mature sound, yet still giving us a dance floor anthem.

Check out the sneak peak now..! Shoot Me Down is due out in September.

New Single Alert - Bera - Cut The Music Off

At 16 years old, Bera is not your average pop star as even though not able to enter a club his last single Light It Up climbing the Hot Dance Club Break Out, especially with fierce remixes from Dave Aude, Bimbo Jones, and Abe Clements. Set to continue the dance theme, with this new R&B dance floor ready anthem entitled Cut the Music Off  full of deep beats and snyths.

Check out the Georgian’s new track below..!

Havana Brown drops her new EP..!

Havana Brown has developed quite a following with her DJ’ing round the world releasing her Crave compilation album and recently crossing over as a recording artist with her dance track We Run The Night featuring Pitbull. Set to release her new EP When The Lights Go Out featuring 5 dance tracks including One Way Trip that samples Robert Miles Children and song named Big Banana, which we doubt is in support of the banana shortage after Cyclone Yassi when it asks “Do you have a big banana?”

Doesn’t leave much up to the imagination Havana..!

Check out the dance packed EP below and get your copy now via iTunes 

New Video Alert - The Vaccines - Teenage Icon

UK Indie rock band The Vaccines have released the video for their new song Teenage Icon which is the second release of their forthcoming album Come Of Age. The clip gives a whole new meaning to elevator music, as we see the band featuring the tomboy version of themselves rocking it out in an elevator.
Check it out below..!

Come Of Age is due out in October..!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

New Video Alert - Black Strobe - Boogie In Zero Gravity

Time to get down and groovy with this Nu-disco track from Black Strobe. The track Boogie In Zero Gravity written and produced by Arnaud Rebotini, is full of jazzy riffs, electronica beats and smooth smoky vocals and just the right kind of vibe for a Sunday afternoon session. This is kind of nu-disco electronica music is growing popularity and brings a whole new meaning to disco funk..!
The track is available on an EP of the same name featuring many Nu-disco remixes. Get it on iTunes HERE

New Video Alert - Nelly Furtado - Spirit Indestructible

Nelly Furtado has dropped the official video for her latest single Spirit Industrictible. Though the lyric video was very inspirational in it self, the new clip see’s Furtado in the Grouse Mountains in Vancouver and captures the meaning of the song of empowerment and means a lot of things to the singer. When speaking of the track and video on location Nelly said " it does have a lot of spirit to it and a lot of positivity to it. It's meant to be empowering. It's meant to be a tribute to all of us: we all have an indestructible spirit”
The Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins produced track is the second to be taken from the singers forthcoming album of the same name due out on 18th September.

New Video Alert - Icona Pop - I Love It

As many SCP readers will know we are HUGE fans of Swedish pop starlet Vanbot, so much so we gave her an award last year just for her brilliant debut album.  So when she gives a pop nod to a fellow Swedish due Icona Pop artist we have to take note. Releasing their video for recent single I Love It, we certaintly know why Vanbot loves these girls with their punchy beats, screaming sythns and lyrics, its up tempo electro pop that we love..! The playful track is produced by Patrik Berger and Style of Eye and is penned by UK songstress Charli XCX really reminds of us of Brit girl electro pop Queen & SCP lover Luciana.

I Love It is taken from the girls forthcoming EP due for release later this year.
Check it out and let us know what you think..!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

The return of Mutya Keisha Siobhan..!

To round up the EPIC week in pop we came across these photo's of the original line up Sugababes as they prepare to release new music later this year..!

Mutya Keisha Siobhan is most probably on of the one of the most anticipated reunion’s, not only due to controversy around the bands split in the first place and the reforming of the original Sugababes but mainly for their pure awesomeness in the pop stakes. 
Now signed in a $1m deal with Polydor Records, they are currently working on their new album with the likes of producers MNEK, Asterix and Craze & Hoax, also working with Emeli Sande on a number of tracks. In the lead up to this EXCITING release the band have release a series of pictures via twitter and caught up with Popjustice for a chat where they speak about why the name Mutya Keisha Siobhan, Keisha shock exit from the current Sugababes and singing together for the first time since 2000..!   

Head over to to read the full interview     

Welcome back girls. We've missed you..!     

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