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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Whatever Happened To.. Sandi Thom..?

Welcome to our new segment Whatever Happened To..? There are many pop artists who burst onto the scene, everybody is talking about them, their music tops the charts and then we never hear from them again! Are they victims of a ruthless music industry or do they just not have what it takes to remain in the game? We're here to find what happened to these artists, where they are now and if there's any hope of a resurgence! Enjoy!

                         Whatever Happened To.. Sandi Thom..?

"Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair, in '77 and '69 revolution was in the air".. In 2006 that song and those lyrics were everywhere. Scottish Sandi Thom was the first to be touted a 'Bedroom Superstar' announcing on-line a series of webcam gigs over 21 consecutive nights. On night one she had just 70 people tune in, night 2 - 670, then by the second week she had a massive 162,000 people watching her perform on-line! That's way more than could fit in a pub in Banff or Kirkaldy and reaching an audience far wider than that in Scotland!
It was this new approach and on-line popularity that brought Sandi to the attention of the record labels who were all vying for a piece of the Sandi pie. Sony eventually won out and her debut album release Smile.. It Confuses People, which was originally supposed to be released on a tiny record label, was pushed back and released with the Sony label and the massive support they can bring to an artist. Her debut single I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker With Flowers In My Hair and debut album went number 1 in the UK and in many other countries internationally gaining her much wider recognition and success.

The song was a smash hit and became one of those tracks that you heard everywhere, radio, supermarkets, shopping malls, TV - in some markets it was even overexposed leading to a backlash against it!! She followed up Puck Rocker with What If I'm Right which obtained a place in the lower parts of the charts but no other singles from her debut album made an impact. Two years later she released a follow up album The Pink & The Lily which failed to make an impact - as did the remarkably short lead single The Devil's Beat. A Best Of album followed in 2009 but again with no impact she was dropped by her record label.

In 2010 Sandi followed a new style transitioning towards being a Blues artist and under her own label she released her 3rd studio album Merchants and Thieves. The album charted in the Top 200 and was well received by Blues critics unfortunately though it too failed to make much of an impact. What is did do though was change the views of her 'one hit wonder' critics to that of a serious musician who has a real talent for creating beautiful music, especially in the Blues genre.

She's spent the past few years touring and performing in locations around the UK but also creating a new Blues album Flesh And Blood which she's very excited about. The album is due for launch in August but you can get a sneak preview below of the tracks. We're actually quite impressed here too with the album and while it won't be a massive chart hit like Punk Rocker (Blues albums never do) there is definitely a place for Flesh And Blood in our album library. She's worked with Black Crowes' crew Rich Robinson, Steve Gorman and Audley Freed amongst many other talented musicians.

Sandi feels that Flesh and Blood is her coming of age album. “All I ever want to do is write songs that connect with people”, says Sandi. “With this album I’ve finally found a place where I can make the very best music I can achieve. The people that only know me from Punk Rocker won’t recognise me on this album. But they are going to find out another side of me”.

So that's what happened to Sandi Thom. Have a listen to a sneak peek of her new album below - we think the future looks bright for this Scottish former Pop One Hit Wonder, turned credible Blues musician and we're looking forward to what she has in store for us in the future..! 

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