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Thursday, 14 June 2012

What Girls Aloud should do next..!

With news that the Girls Aloud ladies are back in the studio once again working on their 10th anniversary album, we at SCP have been discussing what direction the girls should take? A though not an official “comeback” as it were (as the girls have never said they split up) it has been 3 years since they have all performed together but the question is have they still got their winning formula they once had or have their fans moved on to rival bands such as The Wanted, One Direction and SCP fav The Saturdays, who seems to be gaining more and more popularity by the minute with their similar GA sound. (Well the have been working with the same pop producers in Xenomania, so what do you expect).

 The more interesting side of the debate, is their varying solo career success and the impact that will have on the band..! We only need pop history to see that it has not always been successful when a band has taken a break to pursue solo careers. Look at the Spice Girls, after just two albums the girls became hot property and they new that as a band they sold millions but could they still as solo artists? With each other them, including Geri, taking a stab at being a solo artist, it was Mel C that proved most successful and after all those years being in a group preferred the solo life. When the Spice Girls tried to get back together for their album Forever which included the hit Holler, the album was a flop and did not have the same magic their previous releases had contained as each other them wanted to bring a little of the solo career to the table, forgetting what made them big in the first place. Then that was it for the Spice Girls, minus a few reunion gigs to earn the girls a bit more money.

Take a look at Destiny’s Child. We too would have been nervous for Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams when Beyonce said she was "stepping out" for a while to work on her solo material; and even though their album Destiny Fulfilled was solid and produced some brilliant singles includes Lose My Breathe and Solider (We were not over keen on Girl) it marked the end of the one of the best girl bands in the world, as their solo success seems more important and for Beyonce proved correct.

So the Girls Aloud girls need to tread carefully and remember that their solo careers may need to be left at the door. Yes Cheryl Cole has had some minor success with her solo career and about to release her third solo album, however  that was only off the back of the X-Factor gig and to be honest Nicola Roberts album Cinderella’s Eyes wipes the floor with any of Ms Coles releases. We won’t mention Nadine solo career as that didn’t really go anywhere and Sarah and Kimberley have taken a different path of TV presenting and stage shows, so that wouldn’t affect the girls, we hope. 

They just need to return to the winning formula they once had, this time with a 2012 edge. It worked before and it can work again, we just hope their individual success does not damage what was and will always been great, which is Girls Aloud package which made them win Popstars: The Rivals in the first place. That is all.

SCP Over and Out..!

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