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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

SnapCacklePop Interview - Vicci Martinez

We caught up with US The Voice contestant Vicci Martinez to talk about her new album, touring, her secret pop crush, wanting to spread the love round the world as cupid and much much more. Funny, talented and with a corker of an album on the way, check out the interview now..! 

Hey Vicci, welcome to SnapCacklePop and the pop world, how has it been since you have left The Voice?
 Busy!! Moved to LA right after the show, so that was quite the life changer, and have been working on the album and everything that goes along with a new artist album release...and it's a lot, I never would have thought, hah! 

How was it working with Cee Lo Green?
 Great! He definitely helped me come out of my comfort zone!! It's pretty obvious when you watch our Love is a Battlefield performance, haha!

What’s the best advice he has given you since the show?
 He wanted to make sure I'm confident in what I'm doing and not compromising myself. I definitely take that advice to heart everyday!
Have you always wanted to be a singer?
 I've always wanted to play music. I didn't even know I was that good of a was kind of an accident. My choir teacher in school forced me to do a gospel solo in school...she told me to sing from my soul (my gut)!!! And I haven't stopped since.

Your debut single Come Along is brilliant and is shaping to up to be one of SnapCacklePop’s favourites this year! It has such gorgeous vocals mixed with beautiful instrumentals can you tell us about the track?
It's actually a cover! Peter Svensson who wrote the song played it for me while I was in Sweden writing with him. I immediately fell in love and asked if I could record it. Not only did I love the music but the message in the song really moved me. It's time for us all to take a stand for what we believe... That's the only way change is going to happen! 

You are about to release your debut album, should we expect much of the same? Can you tell us a bit about it?
 The album is titled "VICCI" and not just because we were lazy but because it is my life!! The last year has been such a crazy ride this album definitely documents it. Musically it's a collective of things I have done in the past to now... I'm really happy about how things turned out! 

Who have you worked with on the album? 
 Some amazing people!!! Peter Svensson, Max Martin, Kristian Lundin, The Matrix, Tim Pagnotta, Jason Nevins... Great great people!

Have you written most the album yourself?
I co-wrote every song except for Come Along. I wrote a lot of songs for the album, but the ones that stood out the most were the most personal and vulnerable that's what I used.

Who would you say are your musical influences?
Too Many to say, hah! The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Bee Gees, Gloria Estefan, Selena, Bonnie Raitt, Dave Matthews, my dad!!!
Which celebrity would you… (dead or alive)

Want to have dinner with?
Frank Sinatra (he liked goood food)

Want to duet with?
Dave Matthews

Want to live without?
Hah, that's just mean...

What’s one bit of celebrity gossip you have found out?
 I'm having ceelos baby! Haha j/k

We have a slight crush on Adam Levine – is he really that hot? 

Can you get us his phone number? 

What’s next for you?
On tour right now with my buddy Jamar Rogers

When will we see you in Australia? 
Oh man! As soon as I can believe me!!

So finally we have the SnapCacklePop Big 5 questions
Who do you have a secret pop crush on?
Katy perry 

What is your reality TV weakness
Real housewives

Who would you like to do a duet with?
Dave Matthews 
(SCP realise here we asked the same question twice...doh..!)

Which pop song gets your up and dancing on a Saturday night?
Usher - Scream

If you had a super power what would it be and what would you use it for?
I would be Cupid and instead of falling in love with someone else i would make everyone really love and accept that even a super power?? Haha

Thank you Vicci – we wish you all the success with you new album and can’t wait to see you in Australia soon.

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