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Monday, 11 June 2012

SnapCacklePop Interview - Karmin..!

We've brought you tracks by the fabulous Karmin before and now we've been lucky enough to catch up with Karmin front woman Amy over the phone! Amy talks to us about how she met Karmin band mate/co-founder & fiancé Nick and where their hit Brokenhearted came from, her quirky and very cool fashion style, how they've gone from YouTube sensation to top-of-the-charts recording artists and much more. To hear the interview as well, see below! Enjoy our interview with Karmin here..!

Hello Amy, how are you?

I’m good how are you today?

I’m fantastic - is it just you, no Nick?

It’s just me – it’s crazy we’ve had so manydifferent interviews scheduled today that they’ve put Nick on a different phone and he’s doing different interviews!

We’ll I’m very happy I’ve got you, I’m from SnapCacklePop, we’re a website in Australia and I’d like to thank you for speaking with us today.

Oh it’s my pleasure – we can’t wait to come visit you guys in person too – hopefully that will happen by the end of this year.

Oh brilliant – we’d really like to see you – we’ve gotta sat that Brokenhearted has gotta be the best song we’ve heard all year. Have you been surprised by its success?

You know when we wrote that song and recorded itwe were hoping for the best, we weren’t trying to write a hit song and it’s actually based on how me and Nick met so it’s a very real topic for us but wenever expected it to do this well – we’re on cloud 15!

When was the last time you’d consider yourself brokenhearted?

Oh my gosh – well that was actually the last time cause Nick and I have been happily together for 7 years – a long time – feelslike more than that!. He and I met in a party in college. This was at a time when text messaging was getting popular. You know I went home after the party thinking ‘wow – I have this one in the bag’. Like I never expected to get along this well with somebody – this might be the real deal and he didn’t even text me or call me for like 2-3 days. And so I remember checking my phone every 5 or 10 minutes getting very nervous. And so I thought there was other girls that went through the same thing – so that’s where Brokenhearted came from!

Well it turned out to be a good thing inthe long run didn’t it!

I know I guess it did work out!

As a couple who are engaged who work and spend so much time together your relationship must be pretty strong!

We are very lucky, I don’t think its good for every couple to work together like we do – we work together all the time. Ithas its challenges but we also get to basically live our dreams together, Imean we’ve gotten to meet all of our idols, Brokenhearted has gone number 1 onsome of the dance charts over here so we’ve definitely really enjoyed it all. Iwont lie!

What would you say is the best quality you see in Nick?

Nick’s best quality is, he’s always happy – he’snever in a bad mood – it’s always me who’s in a bad mood. What else? – I thinkhappy – he’s always happy, he’s very positive, and he’s kind of my motivator –he’s actually the one who told me to quit my day job a couple of years ago andstart doing these YouTube videos.

To some, it might seem that you’re anovernight success, but it’s actually been years of hard work to get where you aretoday. Tell us a little about the journey to get where you are now?

I was working at a desk job in Boston and I wasactually a wedding singer, I would perform on a weekend all these cover songsand have to memorise all these crazy lyrics for all the songs – I was makinggood enough money but it wasn’t like ‘this is what I want to do forever’ andthere was a day there that Nick was like – you know what we should start ourown group because we make really great music together and we need the world to seeit. But it’s not like the old days where you can send a demo tape to a recordlabel.

So it was a long road – so for a little over ayear we were posting one video every week on YouTube. We’d have to choose thesong – we’d strategise, look at the iTunes charts to make sure its somethingthat the people were looking for. We’d re-arrange it, record it, put the videotogether and put it on YouTube and a little over a year we had the Look At Me Now video that blew out all over the internet – it was a viral hit I guess. Thevery next day here we had record labels calling, famous celebrities who wantedto meet us I mean it was wild! It’s been about a year since that video went up-  we now have a top of the charts single and album.

Obviously its culminated in a brilliantsong like Brokenhearted – I’ve introduced that song to so many people and we’vedone it through the blog several times. You can’t not dance to it!

Oh thank you – we appreciate that.

Amy I bet a lot of people think thatKarmin is just you, and Karmin is your actual name, is that right?

Oh yeah, it’s very confusing. When we picked theband name we were looking for – cause it’s not just about me and it’s not justabout Nick it’s like what we created together, we used to joke that out band waslike our first child – we actually found a name for Karmin, which is actuallyboth a male and female name which actually means song in Latin, and we took thework karma and put in in there as well as we wanted to be very positive andmake people happy and feel inspired so that’s kinda where the name came from.But yeah people think that Karmin is me but it’s kinda cool because when youknow it’s a group you kinda have the inside scoop so our fans always feelreally special when they interact with somebody.

Do you believe in Karma?

Oh yes absolutely.

You’ve just released your new E.P. Hello,tell us a little bit about it.

Hello is our introduction to the world. We wantedto sort of tell a story with like crazy rap verses that you hear in there butwe also wanted to have some really catchy stuff that would stick inside peoplesheads. We’re just really proud of it we got to go into the studio with someproducers, a couple Norwegian guys called Stargate, at Dr Luke’s camp, there’s aguy called circuit and Emily Wright over with Dr Luke who we worked onBrokenhearted with and actually our base player JohnJohn produced almost the restof the album - he did some of the crazy rap numbers and yeah, we just hope thatpeople will enjoy it especially this summer. I think it’s a good album to playin  your car as you’re driving around.

Was Smells Like Teen Spirit theinspiration behind the song Hello?

We’ve got a lot of comments on that, and now Ican totally hear it. Obviously growing up listening to a lot of classic rock,I’m sure Nirvana had a huge influence on us but we didn’t even hear thesimilarity until recently. I was calling Stargate who we wrote the song withand said ‘do you think we’re going to get in trouble, it sounds really similar’and they’re like no it’s fine. Yeah it does sound similar – it’s a great melody– you cant really go wrong its like a repeating word and a catchy melody.

Amy we’ve got some girls in the officewho love your kooky and original style – how do you keep so fresh?

Oh thank you guys, it’s actually not that fresh.I actually pull a lot of inspiration from retro stuff. The hairstyle is 1940’sit’s called a suicide roll – I also do a lot of high waisted pants and skirtswhich is kind of a 50’s thing. So I like to pull some old vintage style I thinkGwen Stefani is a big inspiration for my fashion – I think she’s so cool –because she’s retro but she’s hot and a little bit masculine which I think iscool. You don’t always have to be sparkly and sexy and girly I think it’s funto be boyish sometimes to .

Well it works for you that’s for sure!

Thank you!

Now it’s time for the SnapCacklePop Big 5Stupid questions – are you ready?


What’s your favourite corny movie?

Would be all of the Harry Potter movies

iPhone or Android – what do you have?

I have an iPhone

When your cruising down the confectionaryaisle in the supermarket what’s the first thing you’d grab?

Junior Mints – oh man they’re delicious.

Idol, The Voice or X-Factor – what’s yourfavourite singing competition?

I have not seen enough episodes to tell you, butsince our record label L.A. Reid guy is on X-Factor, we’d have to go withX-Factor

If you could have any super-power in theworld, what would it be?

I would like to be able to fly.

Well I’d like to thank you so much forspending some time with us. We are so behind you here at SnapCacklePop andloving everything you do. We hope to see you down in Australia shortly.

Yes will see you guys hopefully before the end ofthe year so thank you SCP and everybody over there, and we love you guys.

Well we’ll be there with bells on so hope to see you shortly.


Thank you Amy, and please thanks to Nick as well

Alright we’ll talk to you later

Thank you very much

Bye bye!

Have a listen to our interview here..!

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