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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Pete's Pop Picks

Alex Goot - The Real You
Much like Karmin, Alex Goot got his start making covers of popular songs on YouTube. His covers of Katy Perry, One Direction, Maroon 5 and more gaining him millions of views and a level of popularity for his songs and videos to spark the attention of the record labels. It makes sense - if he already has the followers, it makes it pretty easy to promote an original track! His original track The Real You is out now and it really proves that he's a talented musician, he's able to hold his own and doesn't have to rely on other artists work for popularity. Well produced, catchy and melodic starting off with delicate pianos and building to a great chorus and showing off his sensitive vocals. The Real You is a well deserved choice for Pete's Pop Pick of the week..!

Cassadee Pope - Original Love
If you're a fan of Hey Monday you'll know who Cassadee Pope is. Achieving moderate success with the band (their song Candles was even covered by Glee!) the lead singer Cassadee recently announced that the band was on hiatus and that she'd be embarking on a solo project. Original Love is the outcome of this and we love it! Much more pop than Hey Monday, Original Love gives Cassadee the chance to show off her vocals in a Michelle Branch style track. Wether or not Hey Monday reform, we'll have to wait and see, but in the meantime we're loving Cassadee Pope..!

Stanfour - Learning To Breathe
In our world-wide search to bring you the best pop music we occasionally stumble upon a hidden treasure. This week, hidden in the German Top 50 is a song from German Rock band Stanfour, Learning To Breathe. More Pop than Rock, the song is currently making its way up the charts and it deserves to do well as it caught our attention immediately. They've got more of an American style of music, developing their style there when band members and brothers Alexander and Konstantin Rethwisch spent years producing music for film. An inspirational song about shaking off bad experiences and gaining the strength to carry on and with a great space themed video, Learning To Breathe is worthy of a Pop Pock of the week..!

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