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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

New Video Alert - Mika - Make You Happy

Five years ago everybody was talking about Mika. His smash hit single Grace Kelly topped the charts around the world and he introduced his upbeat pop style to  everyone through his equally popular album Life In Cartoon Motion. He was hailed as the next Freddie Mercury and as a musical genius. We watched as his other tracks from the album featured in TV, Movies and advertisements - he was everywhere. His follow up album The Boy Who Knew Too Much came out two years later with much less fanfare. We loved the lead single We Are Golden but then there was not much else that happened from that album. 

He's now about to release his third album The Origin Of Love and the first track to be released is Make You Happy. Whilst you know it's Mika, it is a new sound for him, being much more Indie/Electronic than Pop. We weren't so sure the first time we heard it but with each listen we're enjoying it more and more. We're looking forward to the new album but in the meantime check out Make You Happy here now..!

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