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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

New Video Alert - Eric Schackne - Loud and Clear

Serving up a slice of pop-folk-rock is new Florida born emerging artist Eric Schackne who debuted his new EP entitled Hammers and Strings. Containing six songs (along with a hidden track- sssshhhh..!) the EP showcases the beautifully written and composed tracks that Eric wrote, sung, played and produced every song. Each track is infused with bright piano harmonies paired with a catchy hooks and great lyrics that we at SCP are quite delighted to have discovered.
The singer has just released the video for one of his tracks Loud & Clear that see's the singer singing from the rooftops this  uplifting track about making your dreams come true. A beautiful collection of songs which remind us of early Jason Mraz. Check out Loud & Clear below and you can listen to Eric's full EP Hammers & Strings here

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