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Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday Song - Justin Bieber

Its been a big week at SCP for a few reasons. We interviewed the brilliant Karmin to talk  their rapid rise to fame, new videos from Wynter Gordon, Chris Brown and Usher  to name just a few, Kylie glams it up and we give some advice to Girls Aloud as they record their new album. 

However bigger news this week was the return of SCP boss fresh from his US break, full of beans and raving how much he's loving Justin Bieber. We think he has had a bit too much sun to the head as he also brought us gifts, but whilst he's in this mood we're going to dedicate this weeks Friday song to the Biebster himself. We are loving his new track All Around The World yet its his last single Boyfriend we just can't stop singing..!

Happy Friday everyone..!

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