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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Album Review - John Mayer - Born and Raised

Just from the album cover you know that this is something different from John Mayer. We've always been fans of him here at SCP. His light pop/rock style has always gone down a treat - from his song that made him, No Such Thing, to his anthems Daughters & Waiting For The World To Change and the beautifully melodic Say. Up till now his albums have had a similar feel but this changes with his new album Born And Raised. Whilst the vocals are still obviously those of John, that we know and love, the style has changed significantly and it's a refreshing, different sound that works well!

We have to admit that while we liked his lead single Shadow Days, it wasn't something that we thought was any kind of game changer. However in the context of the whole album the song becomes a part of an album that is a game changer. He's left is smooth adult pop/rock behind for a more mature Folk/Indie/Pop sound infused with the slightest of Country from the album's being Born and Raised in Nashville. 
A new sound also brings a new look for John with long shaggy hair, cowboy hat and facial hair a big change from the clean cut look from No Such Thing. The new look works for him as it suits the style of music as with stand out tracks like the first, Queen Of California, you can just picture him recording this in the studio. Arguably the most talented singer/songwriter in the business John knows how to work a guitar and this tracy has him at his best - delicate yet powerful and incredibly melodic you just get swept up in it. 

The thing with Born And Raised is that you can say the above about every song yet each is different and unique. Folk abounds in The Age Of Worry, we get groovy with a dash of Soul in Something Like Olivia, harmonica and piano combine perfectly in Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey to take you to a place where you can imagine what he was going through when he wrote the track. 

That's the thing about Born And Raised - each track tells a tale in it's own unique style from a man who's truly mastered his art. Listen in your car, at home, on your iPod on the way to work it doesn't matter - just listen to the mastery that is Born And Raised..!

Have a listen here now but do yourself a favour - just buy it! Born And Raised is out now on iTunes

Here's the video for John's latest single Shadow Days - check out his new look for yourself here..!

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