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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Album Review - Smash Soundtrack..!

If you've watched the simply amazing new series Smash you'll know what we're talking about here. If you haven't, do yourself a favour and watch it. Now! If you're a fan of music you'll love this show. Don't think of it as another Glee - it's so much more. Smash follows the lives of the cast of a Broadway musical in development about the life of legend Marilyn Munroe.

Featuring ex American Idol runner-up Katherine McPhee, Broadway and film actress Megan Hilty, who are both vying for the chance to play MarilynWill & Grace star Debra Messing and legendary actress Anjelica Houston also star in Smash which is filled with the most amazing musical numbers both original and covers that will have you wanting to watch more and more. Not only is the music great, the plot and storyline is so addictive the SCP team once watched 10 episodes snuggled under a blanket on a single cold rainy Sydney winter weekend 'cause we just couldn't turn it off! 
Recently news broke that the second series of Smash will feature another ex Idol star and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson which we're very excited about. No doubt Jennifer will add a whole new dimension to the music of the show but as a tribute to our favourite show of the year we have for you below a review of the Smash soundtrack with a review and information about every track featured.

An album filled with brilliant originals, classic and modern covers each track on the soundtrack and on the show is has production values worthy of the best awards going. Buy the Smash soundtrack - you'll love it. Watch the show - you'll love it even more, but be warned... there was one thing that we longed for after watching the show that we couldn't get. We want to see the Marilyn musical performed on the show in a live stage show!! NBC - please bring us Bombshell - the musical..!


Touch Me is the stand out original track on the album, perfectly performed by Katherine McPhee. Not part of the Marilyn stage show, it is performed off set by with One Republic's Ryan Tedder in an outstanding dance routine. If you heard this track in a club you'd lose yourself in the beat so it's amazing to find it in Smash but it works brilliantly in the show. Touch Me was released as a single and reached #5 on the US Dance Club charts but deserves so much more!

The one song that stuck with us the most of all the original tracks is the simply outstanding History Is Made At Night with the best harmonies you'll hear this side of Something Stupid. Megan and handsome Broadway star Will Chase bring such depth and feeling to this track you'll be singing it for days. Invoking the sounds of the 50's, it's amazing on the soundtrack and even more stunning on the show.
Cheeky and cute, the cast bring fun and whimsy to the track Let's Be Bad. Megan leads the cast in the brilliant sing-a-long of this track that references the best of Marilyn and gives Megan a chance to stretch those amazing chords! 

Longing for a normal life for Marilyn and Baseball star Joe DiMaggio, Megan and Will give us the delicate and beautiful Mr & Mrs Smith. Another track that while amazing on the soundtrack, when you watch them perform, a whole new side of the song opens up. 

The most performed original in the song is The 20th Century Fox Mambo. Performed by both Marilyns, Katherine and Megan smash this track out of the ballpark! (like the puns?) Perfect to show off the vocals of the leads and the brilliant cast and with the upbeat nature of this song you can just picture the routines! but watch the show and you won't have to!
Let Me Be Your Star gives both Megan and Katherine the chance to let their vocals soar. The show features Let Me Be Your Star several times through the series but the most memorable when Karen and Ivy sing the song going about their normal day in short clips, while thinking about obtaining the role of Marilyn. The song culminates in an amazing duet between the two which blows you away! 


We're big fans of the Snow Patrol song Run here at SCP - a ground breaking song like this is hard to top but we think Katherine McPhee has done it. Her rendition of Run is simply amazing and it sends shivers through our bodies here at SCP. It's the kind of track you just put on repeat... and repeat... and repeat...

Megan Hilty gives us her version of Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway with a much more acoustic feel to it and is a great track but this is one track where we definitely prefer the gutsy original.

From the Gypsy stage show, Broadway star Bernadette Peters, who also plays Karen Walker's sister in Will & Grace, performs the classic Everything's Coming Up Roses in her own style - great to watch on screen but seems a little out of place on the Soundtrack!

1960's R&B group Ruby & The Romantics get a place in Smash with Katherine bringing her own smooth groove to Our Day Will Come, which whilst still classic, has a new modern feel to it - brilliant!

Arguably the best cast member of Smash, Anjelica Houston brings us September Song from Knickerbocker Holiday, a 1930's Broadway musical and 1940's Film, back to life - we'd never have known about this song if not for Smash!

Katherine has a real command of the light, delicate vocals and Colbie Callait's song Brighter Than The Sun suits her perfectly. We like the Smash song so much prefer Katherine's version to the original!

Current songs are covered as well with Florence + The Machine's Shake It Out performed by Karen at a Bar Mitzvah for some extra cash while waiting to hear if she gets the role of Marilyn. Florence's vocals are hard to replicate but Katherine does such an amazing job you get goose bumps! Brilliant! 
One of the guest stars on Smash is Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers. He plays child star turned mega star Lyle West and performs Michael Buble's Haven't Met You Yet at his own birthday party. A great song, simply done, it's given us a whole new respect for Nick!
When we first heard this track we didn't recognise it. Megan Hilty performs  Crazy Dreams in the second episode and we were blown away. Such passion and soul in a song sung simply, with just a keyboard to accompany her and needing nothing more. We were surprised to find out that Crazy Dreams is a re-make of a country track originally sung by Carrie Underwood. Stunning.

Good move by the producers of Smash to cover a Jessie J track. Even better move to give it to Megan Hilty. If anyone could match the phenomenal vocals of Jessie J in Who You Are, it's Megan who absolutely smashes this track out with an effortless power that is astounding. Just makes you want to see her perform it live!

Donnie McClurkin is a Gospel singer and minister who's song Stand is covered when the cast visit a church in one episode. Katherine and cast member Leslie Odom, Jr sing this track with the backing of an entire Gospel choir. Brilliant in the show but we would've preferred another track like Rihanna's Cheers (Drink To That) which is performed in Times Square by Katherine and Megan surrounded by onlookers and it's just outstanding!

Anytime anyone covers the stunning Beautiful from Christina Aguilera they risk ruining this modern classic. Katherine doesn't. She brings her own unique vocals to the track, with passion, soul and a feeling only bettered by the original. Just. Have a watch yourself to the cast version film clip of Beautiful.
So there you have it. The best soundtrack of 2012 is undoubtedly Smash. Buy it - you'll love it. The Smash soundtrack is out now on iTunes..!

New Video Alert - Reece Mastin - Shout It Out

Reece Mastin has released his new video Shout It Out. Following up the brilliant Shut Up And Kiss Me, the song sings about having a great life with his girl and he can’t help but “shout it out” . The video see’s Reece and Home and Away star Rhiannon Fish hit the road and go on a romantic drive ending up passion in a lagoon. Nice way to get Reece shirtless!
The track is co-written by Reece Mastin, Anthony Egizii and David Musumeci as well as being produced by DNA and is the second track to be taken from Reece’s forthcoming album.

Get Shout It Out on iTunes now.

Miss our interview with Reece? Check it out here

Pete's Pop Picks

Ed Drewett - Good Morning
Many musicians make their mark by writing songs for other artists before they the go out on their own. Ed Drewett is one of those artists and you'll know one of his songs that has recently topped the charts around the world - The Wanted's Glad You Came! Yes he was the genius behind that track but has now decided to go out on his own. The result is is new single and video Good Morning that's an upbeat and happy track linked to a fun video which also shows a good insight into the recording studio. We're loving this track and we hope that this track does well. As a special bonus to you, if you register, you can download the track for FREE too!! Check out Pete's Pop Pick of the week,  Ed Drewett's Good Morning here..!

Carlos Jean - Fight For Life Feat. Lucia Scansetti
Spanish DJ Carlos Jean is stepping out from behind the booth and into the spotlight with his new single Fight For Life and he's brought along 19 year old Spanish singer Lucia Scansetti along for the ride. Carlos is quite well known in the Latin music scene with number one tracks and he's even worked with Shakira and earned several Latin Grammy nominations. His new track is less dance and more pop with Lucia's vocals working well and complementing the track well. The video we don't quite get - people walking through the forest till they meet at the lake.. hmm... just as well the songs good! Check out Fight For Life here now..!

Matisyahu - Sunshine
Matisyahu caused quite a stir in the Jewish Orthodox community recently when he shaved his long beard and cut and coloured his long hair that he was famous for. This Alt Rock/Rap/Reggae artist has long stayed true to the ideals of his faith but needed to 'reclaim himself' he announced recently on Twitter. We like his new look and it makes this 32 year old from Pennsylvania, born Matthew Miller, look much younger. We love his new track Sunshine too, which is more Pop/Reggae and is accompanied by a beautifully shot video filmed in a Bedouin Villiage in Tel Aviv, Israel. A song about finding your inner child it's a bit inspirational and full of beautiful musicality, we like the new look and new sound of Matisyahu a lot! Check out Sunshine here now..!

Friday, 29 June 2012

New Video Alert - Timomatic – Can You Feel It

We can't help but like the direction of Timomatic..! Ever since his debut single Set It Of and the last single If Looks Could Kill he has carved out a very dance-o-matic style for himself we can't help but like (did you see what we did there... DANCE-O-MATIC Hilarious..! NOT..!)

Well the dancer/singer is back with new video Can You Feel It featuring some footage of his global trip to Mexico last month. This song is being played a lot on the radio right and we can understand why with its great funky beats. Timomatic is currently preparing to release his second album later this July and no, SCP have not gone crazy, its his seconds as Timomatic release a independant album called Welcome back in 2011.

Check out Can You Feel It now which is available for download on iTunes now

Dragonette Announce New Album & Single..!

Canadian electro-pop trio Dragonette is preparing to release their third studio album Bodyparts on September 25th. Along with recently released singles The Right Woman and Let It Go the Toronto band has revealed new album track Rocket Ship released as a free download

Rocket Ship is a fun groove-worthy track with a pulsating synth lines and catchy beats. Singer Martina's lyrics and hungry vocals add a layer of sensuality to the track with lines like “I want you to pin me like a poster to the wall.” Rocket Ship is just a glimpse into Bodyparts, an anthemic album of edgy electronic dance rock music that the group is notorious for.

Check out the track below and make sure you download your free copy now..!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

New Video Alert - Tone Damli - Imagine Feat. Eric Saade

A month ago we brought you a preview of the hot new single by Norweigian Tone Damli and Swede Eric Saade, Imagine. Then we were looking forward to the video and now we've seen it - WOW! Could these two be the best looking male and female pop stars in the world?! We think so! Gorgeous Tone rocks the by-the-beach look and Eric gets out his tanned, toned body in this clip where we watch these two frolick by the Mediterranean Sea - and we're jealous! The track we just love and the video only adds to the appeal. Check out the beautiful Tone Damli and handsome Eric Saade in their new clip here..!

Whatever Happened To.. Sandi Thom..?

Welcome to our new segment Whatever Happened To..? There are many pop artists who burst onto the scene, everybody is talking about them, their music tops the charts and then we never hear from them again! Are they victims of a ruthless music industry or do they just not have what it takes to remain in the game? We're here to find what happened to these artists, where they are now and if there's any hope of a resurgence! Enjoy!

                         Whatever Happened To.. Sandi Thom..?

"Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair, in '77 and '69 revolution was in the air".. In 2006 that song and those lyrics were everywhere. Scottish Sandi Thom was the first to be touted a 'Bedroom Superstar' announcing on-line a series of webcam gigs over 21 consecutive nights. On night one she had just 70 people tune in, night 2 - 670, then by the second week she had a massive 162,000 people watching her perform on-line! That's way more than could fit in a pub in Banff or Kirkaldy and reaching an audience far wider than that in Scotland!
It was this new approach and on-line popularity that brought Sandi to the attention of the record labels who were all vying for a piece of the Sandi pie. Sony eventually won out and her debut album release Smile.. It Confuses People, which was originally supposed to be released on a tiny record label, was pushed back and released with the Sony label and the massive support they can bring to an artist. Her debut single I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker With Flowers In My Hair and debut album went number 1 in the UK and in many other countries internationally gaining her much wider recognition and success.

The song was a smash hit and became one of those tracks that you heard everywhere, radio, supermarkets, shopping malls, TV - in some markets it was even overexposed leading to a backlash against it!! She followed up Puck Rocker with What If I'm Right which obtained a place in the lower parts of the charts but no other singles from her debut album made an impact. Two years later she released a follow up album The Pink & The Lily which failed to make an impact - as did the remarkably short lead single The Devil's Beat. A Best Of album followed in 2009 but again with no impact she was dropped by her record label.

In 2010 Sandi followed a new style transitioning towards being a Blues artist and under her own label she released her 3rd studio album Merchants and Thieves. The album charted in the Top 200 and was well received by Blues critics unfortunately though it too failed to make much of an impact. What is did do though was change the views of her 'one hit wonder' critics to that of a serious musician who has a real talent for creating beautiful music, especially in the Blues genre.

She's spent the past few years touring and performing in locations around the UK but also creating a new Blues album Flesh And Blood which she's very excited about. The album is due for launch in August but you can get a sneak preview below of the tracks. We're actually quite impressed here too with the album and while it won't be a massive chart hit like Punk Rocker (Blues albums never do) there is definitely a place for Flesh And Blood in our album library. She's worked with Black Crowes' crew Rich Robinson, Steve Gorman and Audley Freed amongst many other talented musicians.

Sandi feels that Flesh and Blood is her coming of age album. “All I ever want to do is write songs that connect with people”, says Sandi. “With this album I’ve finally found a place where I can make the very best music I can achieve. The people that only know me from Punk Rocker won’t recognise me on this album. But they are going to find out another side of me”.

So that's what happened to Sandi Thom. Have a listen to a sneak peek of her new album below - we think the future looks bright for this Scottish former Pop One Hit Wonder, turned credible Blues musician and we're looking forward to what she has in store for us in the future..! 

J.Lo confirms new 'The Hits' album..!

If you look back at when Jennifer Lopez first graced our trash gossip magazines back in 1999 it was when she was a little known actress and shacked up with P.Diddy who used to shower her with diamonds and jewelry, which later became the inspiration for her 2000 hit, Love Don't Cost a Thing.

Fast forward 13 years and she is one of the most successful and may we say beautiful pop stars of the last century..! Not only that she has a successful movie career under her belt, recently staring in What To Expect When you are Expecting, a fierce business woman with fashion lines and fragrances to her name, a trained dancer and multi-million album selling recording artist..! Oh and now judge on American Idol. Not bad for a girl from the Bronx who is is reportedly the highest earning actress of Latin American descent

So over the sexy singers career she has produced some brilliant pop tracks that have all been compiled in to what is basically a Greatest Hits, however J.Lo has called it Dance Again - The Hits. From Jenny On The Block, If You Had My Love, Ain't It Funny and the dance anthem Waiting For Tonight. The album also features the stellar new tracks  Goin’ In (featuring Flo Rida) and Dance Again (featuring Pitbull), though we can not help but notice that the SCP favorite track Play is missing from the line up..! The video was HOT..!

The multi-talented international superstar has sold over 70 million records worldwide, 11.8 million albums in the United States, and scored 11 #1 hits, making her one of the best-selling artists of all time, establishing Dance Again…the Hits as a must-have for any pop lovers collection.

 Dance Again featuring Pitbull
 Goin’ In featuring Flo Rida
 I’m Into You featuring Lil Wayne
On The Floor featuring Pitbull
Love Don't Cost A Thing
 If You Had My Love
Waiting For Tonight
 Get Right featuring Fabolous
Jenny From The Block (Track Masters Remix featuring Styles P. & Jadakiss)
 I'm Real (Remix featuring Ja Rule)
Do It Well
Ain't It Funny (Remix featuring Ja Rule & Caddillac Tah)
Feelin' So Good (Remix featuring Big Pun & Fat Joe)
 All I Have featuring LL Cool J (Deluxe Edition only)
 Que Hiciste (Deluxe Edition only)
Let’s Get Loud (Deluxe Edition only)

There will also be a DVD copy available featuring the singers video's. Get your copy of  Dance Again - The Hits on iTunes from July 27th.

New Album Alert - Millions - Nine Lives, Six Degrees (EP)

Love indie pop? Well have we got a band for you..! Home grown band Millions have achieve a lot since being discovered on triple j, which resulted in them appearing in last years Splendour In The Grass festival and shared the stage with the likes of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Grates, Bluejuice and Bleeding Knees Club.

The boys are about to release their debut EP Nine Lives, Six Degrees. which SCP are loving their sound with their typical Aussie Indie pop and remind us of fellow Brisbane band Hungry Kids of Hungary. We love them and we think you will too..! Check out their new EP now, which is available on iTunes now.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Album Review - John Mayer - Born and Raised

Just from the album cover you know that this is something different from John Mayer. We've always been fans of him here at SCP. His light pop/rock style has always gone down a treat - from his song that made him, No Such Thing, to his anthems Daughters & Waiting For The World To Change and the beautifully melodic Say. Up till now his albums have had a similar feel but this changes with his new album Born And Raised. Whilst the vocals are still obviously those of John, that we know and love, the style has changed significantly and it's a refreshing, different sound that works well!

We have to admit that while we liked his lead single Shadow Days, it wasn't something that we thought was any kind of game changer. However in the context of the whole album the song becomes a part of an album that is a game changer. He's left is smooth adult pop/rock behind for a more mature Folk/Indie/Pop sound infused with the slightest of Country from the album's being Born and Raised in Nashville. 
A new sound also brings a new look for John with long shaggy hair, cowboy hat and facial hair a big change from the clean cut look from No Such Thing. The new look works for him as it suits the style of music as with stand out tracks like the first, Queen Of California, you can just picture him recording this in the studio. Arguably the most talented singer/songwriter in the business John knows how to work a guitar and this tracy has him at his best - delicate yet powerful and incredibly melodic you just get swept up in it. 

The thing with Born And Raised is that you can say the above about every song yet each is different and unique. Folk abounds in The Age Of Worry, we get groovy with a dash of Soul in Something Like Olivia, harmonica and piano combine perfectly in Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey to take you to a place where you can imagine what he was going through when he wrote the track. 

That's the thing about Born And Raised - each track tells a tale in it's own unique style from a man who's truly mastered his art. Listen in your car, at home, on your iPod on the way to work it doesn't matter - just listen to the mastery that is Born And Raised..!

Have a listen here now but do yourself a favour - just buy it! Born And Raised is out now on iTunes

Here's the video for John's latest single Shadow Days - check out his new look for yourself here..!

New Video Alert - Maroon 5 - One More Night

If you're an Adam Levine fan you're gonna love this track as he is definitely the star of Maroon 5's new video One More Night. Their recent video Payphone looked like a blockbuster Hollywood movie more than a music video but there was at least a few lines of sung vocals in the clip. Not so for their new video which has Adam as a boxer and family man who's life turns upside down while he's in the ring. Adam has a very believable performance in the clip and there's plenty of scenes where he looks pretty darn fine! Another great clip and another great track from one of the biggest bands in the world check out Maroon 5's One More Night here now..!


Every since interviewing handsome Jay Brannan at SCP we have developed a small pop crush on the American singer/songwriter. And today he exclusively sent us his new video for his new single Rob Me Blind that made us all go "awwwwww" and makes our crush grow even more..! 
The video see's Jay in a elevator checking out another with handsome man as we see the singers playful/flirty side. As the lift doors open we see scenes of Jay & the handsome man in different couple situations like in a art gallery, out for a romantic dinner or lazing around in a field on a summers day.

As SCP imagine us with Jay in all those situations, you can check out the beautiful new video below.

Miss our interview with Jay, then check it out here or do yourself a favour and Get his new album Rob Me Blind on iTunes now.

New Video Alert - Deadmau5 - The Veldt Feat Chris JAmes

The Veldt is new track by electronic music producer deadmau5 featuring Chris James which pays homage to recently deceased novelist Ray Bradbury. The Saturday Evening Post published a short story by legendary science fiction writer Bradbury called The World The Children Made which eventually came to be known as The Veldt and the futuristic storyline is the inspiration for the song as well as its accompanying video, made available today..! 

The track sings about a world where technology has so consumed culture and forgotten, with a video directed by Dr. Manroop Takhar to depict The Veldt characters children Peter and Wendy amongst the lions in the virtual reality African jungle.
The Veldt appears on THE VELDT four-song EP along with remixes by Tommy Trash and Freeform Five, as well as Failbait featuring hip-hop icons Cypress Hill.  It is available now via Ultra Music

New Single Alert - Pitbull - Get It Started Feat Shakira

Pitbull has team up with Columbian goddess Shakira for this new single Get It Started which will be a massive club track across the clubbing circuit this summer. The summer party anthem is the lead single from his forthcoming album Global Warming which is due for release in Summer as he heads out on the road for he new world tour..!

Check out brilliant new track below..!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Spice Girls confirm Viva Forever Musical..!

As we reported earlier today, The Spice Girls have joined forces to announce details of Viva Forever, a musical based on their songs and written by comedienne Jennifer Saunders.

Today's reunion comes four years after their The Spice Girls world tour back in 2008, which ended prematurely and left many fans disappointed..!
However today they showed a united front by returning to where is all began and making the announcement at the St Pancras Hotel in London, where they filmed their Wannabe video in 1996

During their four years in the charts, the girls we one of the most successful girl groups of all time with nine No.1 singles and two No.1 albums in the UK, including one No.1 single and album in the U.S. Check out where it all began..!

New Video Alert - Conor Maynard - Vegas Girl

It is remarkable the strength of social media - lost cameras re-united with their owners after photos uploaded to Facebook - KONY 2012 going viral world-wide within hours - that cat playing a keyboard - they're all examples of how much clout social media has. It's this concept rising star Conor Maynard has used for his new video Vegas Girl. We brought you this single earlier in the month and now the video is set to go viral like his last single Can't Say No. This really is a cool video - Conor meets a young hot girl who sneaks away before he can get her number - his only clue her photo wearing a Vegas Girl T-Shirt. The social media experiment then takes off with Conor posting and tweeting pics of the girl in a desperate effort to find her - does he? You'll find out here when you watch this hot new single #VegasGirl..!

New Video Alert - Cascada - The Rhythm Of The Night

1993 will stand out for some people for the events - it was the year that the World Wide Web was launched at CERN, child abuse allegations first plagued Michael Jackson, Robin Williams dressed as the classic character Mrs Doubtfire and Islamic fundamentalists bombed the World Trade Centre

For one SCP staffer it was the year that he finished High School and Pop music became his way of life. Ace Of Base released The Sign, Celine Dion had Think Twice, Dannii Minogue charmed us with husband-to-be Julian MacMahon in This Is It, Janet Jackson was number one around the world with That's The Way Love Goes featuring Jennifer Lopez in the video (wow!), Mariah Carey's smash album Music Box spawned trillions of singles like Hero and Dreamlover and Italian group Corona owned the dance floor with The Rhythm Of The Night

Now look up to the title of this song.... Yes Corona has been brought into 2012 by uber popular dance act Cascada. Doing it their own way and using rap to appeal to a wider audience it's good to hear this classic track brought back to life! Check out Cascada's version of The Rhythm Of The Night here now..!

SnapCacklePop Interview - Vicci Martinez

We caught up with US The Voice contestant Vicci Martinez to talk about her new album, touring, her secret pop crush, wanting to spread the love round the world as cupid and much much more. Funny, talented and with a corker of an album on the way, check out the interview now..! 

Hey Vicci, welcome to SnapCacklePop and the pop world, how has it been since you have left The Voice?
 Busy!! Moved to LA right after the show, so that was quite the life changer, and have been working on the album and everything that goes along with a new artist album release...and it's a lot, I never would have thought, hah! 

How was it working with Cee Lo Green?
 Great! He definitely helped me come out of my comfort zone!! It's pretty obvious when you watch our Love is a Battlefield performance, haha!

What’s the best advice he has given you since the show?
 He wanted to make sure I'm confident in what I'm doing and not compromising myself. I definitely take that advice to heart everyday!
Have you always wanted to be a singer?
 I've always wanted to play music. I didn't even know I was that good of a was kind of an accident. My choir teacher in school forced me to do a gospel solo in school...she told me to sing from my soul (my gut)!!! And I haven't stopped since.

Your debut single Come Along is brilliant and is shaping to up to be one of SnapCacklePop’s favourites this year! It has such gorgeous vocals mixed with beautiful instrumentals can you tell us about the track?
It's actually a cover! Peter Svensson who wrote the song played it for me while I was in Sweden writing with him. I immediately fell in love and asked if I could record it. Not only did I love the music but the message in the song really moved me. It's time for us all to take a stand for what we believe... That's the only way change is going to happen! 

You are about to release your debut album, should we expect much of the same? Can you tell us a bit about it?
 The album is titled "VICCI" and not just because we were lazy but because it is my life!! The last year has been such a crazy ride this album definitely documents it. Musically it's a collective of things I have done in the past to now... I'm really happy about how things turned out! 

Who have you worked with on the album? 
 Some amazing people!!! Peter Svensson, Max Martin, Kristian Lundin, The Matrix, Tim Pagnotta, Jason Nevins... Great great people!

Have you written most the album yourself?
I co-wrote every song except for Come Along. I wrote a lot of songs for the album, but the ones that stood out the most were the most personal and vulnerable that's what I used.

Who would you say are your musical influences?
Too Many to say, hah! The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Bee Gees, Gloria Estefan, Selena, Bonnie Raitt, Dave Matthews, my dad!!!
Which celebrity would you… (dead or alive)

Want to have dinner with?
Frank Sinatra (he liked goood food)

Want to duet with?
Dave Matthews

Want to live without?
Hah, that's just mean...

What’s one bit of celebrity gossip you have found out?
 I'm having ceelos baby! Haha j/k

We have a slight crush on Adam Levine – is he really that hot? 

Can you get us his phone number? 

What’s next for you?
On tour right now with my buddy Jamar Rogers

When will we see you in Australia? 
Oh man! As soon as I can believe me!!

So finally we have the SnapCacklePop Big 5 questions
Who do you have a secret pop crush on?
Katy perry 

What is your reality TV weakness
Real housewives

Who would you like to do a duet with?
Dave Matthews 
(SCP realise here we asked the same question twice...doh..!)

Which pop song gets your up and dancing on a Saturday night?
Usher - Scream

If you had a super power what would it be and what would you use it for?
I would be Cupid and instead of falling in love with someone else i would make everyone really love and accept that even a super power?? Haha

Thank you Vicci – we wish you all the success with you new album and can’t wait to see you in Australia soon.

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