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Monday, 21 May 2012

SnapCacklePop Interview - Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is most probably the most successful winner of American Idol to date. The american country singer's debut album, Some Hearts was the fastest selling debut country album in Nielsen SoundScan history and with all consecutive album’s including her latest Blown Away debut at #1 in the US as well, this history making lady has certainly proven she has what it takes to make it in the music word post idol. Oh and she has also been awarded numerous awards including 5 Grammys and her new album Blown Away debuted at number 4 on the ARIA charts making it Carrie’s highest Australian debut. Go girl..!
SCP caught up with the singer songwriter to chat about the new album, performinng at the Royal Albert Hall, coming to Australia and Jersey Shore.

Hi Carrie, Welcome to SnapCacklePop, how was your weekend?
It was busy! 

What is part of a typical Carrie Underwood weekend?
There is no such thing as a typical weekend in my life!  It really depends on what projects I am or am not working on at the moment.  These days, I don't have a lot of time off!  But, I enjoy the work...even if it is hard to be away from my husband and my doggies!
What was the inspiration for the album title?
The album title is actually the title of the second song on the album.  I loved that song from the moment that I first heard it and always thought that it would make a great album title!  I want people to be blown away by the album and by our live performances.  It just seemed to fit.
When the last time you were Blown Away by something and what was it?
I was blown away when my husband threw me a surprise birthday party a few months ago.  He went to so much trouble and got all of my friends together and they all got dressed up and had my silly '80's clothes waiting for me to change into!  We had so much fun dancing and hanging out!  
You said you "wanted to change things up", and you wanted to step away from the "celebrity bubble" to "have real things to write about and real things to sing about”, do you think you have achieve that with this record? 
My time out of the spotlight was more about recharging my batteries and getting to be a wife and a daughter and a friend.  I need to have that in my life.  I need that time to be a person first and an artist second.  It was important to me.
Your last single GoodGirl is a great song with attitude, catchy and soulful while still retaining the country roots, yet is about warning a friend about her boyfriend. Is this based on anyone you know?
It's based on myself, on friends I have had, and probably every woman that I know understands what I'm talking about in the song.  We've all been with guys that we had no business being with.  Or we have had friends that are so amazing and can never seem to date guys that are worth it and that treat them well.  I have had so many women tell me that this song is their anthem!
You are about to head out on tour, what’s your favorite and worst part about touring?
I love it when I actually get to be on stage.  That's my favorite part.  There is so much that goes into keeping a music career much travel time, so many photo shoots and interviews.  That stuff is all good, but nothing beats being on that stage!
Your Royal Albert hall show sold out in 90 mins? How are you feeling about that?
That is so amazingly reassuring!  I always worry that, when I'm traveling to new places and playing shows there, that no one will actually show up to hear us!  For that show at such an important venue to sell out so fast, well, I was delighted!  I can't wait to play there!
We see that you are donating $1 from every ticket sold to Red Cross disaster relief, that’s very nice of you. Why do you support the Red Cross?
During the last tour we donated money to a wonderful organization called "Save the Children," and it was a wonderful success.  We raised a lot of money for them to do great things with!  The Red Cross has a wonderful reputation for helping people in times of crisis.  I am from Oklahoma and we deal with our fair share of natural disasters...I've seen what they can do...I've also seen how the Red Cross can help.  I am honored to have this partnership with them and help them help other people!

Are you excited about coming to Australia to perform at Sydney Opera House?
I got to take a tour of the Opera House on our last trip.  It was so beautiful!  They told us about all the people that have performed there...I never thought I'd be one of them!  I can't wait!
What’s one thing you love about Australia?
The people seem so nice and laid back!  Everyone welcomed us with open arms and didn't make fun of our southern accents at all!  It was fun to go there last year and I am very excited about going back to perform!
You were on American Idol last week, how was it for you returning to the Idol stage?
It's always great to see familiar faces!  I also got to meet the remaining contestants, which was really cool!  It feels like I get to go back to a high school reunion every year.  And, of course, singing on the show is just as terrifying as ever!  For some reason, I feel like I'm right back on the show trying to win every time I perform there!
To end Carrie we like to ask our SnapCacklePop questions of the week...
Who do you think will win American Idol?
I think it's going to be so close!  I honestly don't know who it's going to be! 
Do you have an iPhone? What’s your fav app?
I do have an iPhone.  My favorite app is the Livestrong app.  I've kept a food journal for about six years, and that app makes it easier to track my food and exercise!
What is one guilty pleasure you have?
I love red wine.  I love everything about it.  The color, the bottles, the wine glasses.  It's just so nice to have a glass at the end of a long day!  Add a few squares of super dark chocolate and I'm in heaven!
If you had a super power, what would it be and why?
I wish I could fly...think about it!  No lines at the airport, beautiful views, no lines at the airport.  You get the idea!
What is your reality TV weakness?
Jersey Shore.  My husband hates that I watch it, so I have to watch when he's not around...but he loves The Bachelor, so he has no room to talk!

Thanks Carrie, good luck with your tour and we'll see you in Australia soon..!

Carrie Underwood's album Blown Away is available on iTunes now.

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