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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Pete's Pop Picks

Monarchy - I Won't Let Go

Sorry we can't give you a better picture but you won't find one of Monarchy! Andrew Armstrong and Ra Black are London based Monarchy who prefer to keep their identities hidden and have had the honour, of being the first band with a gig transmitted into space with their debut performance being at Cape Canaveral
A brilliant sound, self described as Glacial Pop, their new single I Won't Let Go is very melodic and their voices in harmony against an electronic beat. They've been in the business for a while and have remixed of the likes of Kylie, Jamiroquai, Kelis and GaGa! Interesting and unique, Monarchy get Pete's Pop Pick of the week..!

Zazou - Mission
We don't get many Swiss artists on SnapCacklePop but Zazou Mall is ready to fly the flag for the neutral state! Appearing on the German version of Idol, Zazou was compared to Beyonce! While we may not agree with that, we do enjoy her new single Mission - fun with a 90's beat Misson is a good effort at an English pop track, so check out some of Zazou's moves here..!

G.E.M. - What Have You Done
Don't let the title fool you - this is a non-English song! We don't often have them on SCP and this is the first Asian language song I can think of but tell you what - it rocks! G.E.M. is Hong Kong's answer to The Veronicas, vocals with attitude, rocking beat and catchy chorus - the title What Have You Done however is in English! If this song was done in English it would be a hit! No doubt this will be big in Asia, G.E.M. - if you're reading, do an english version for us.. PLEASE!!!

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