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Monday, 28 May 2012

Our Kylie Birthday Tribute!

As a cutesy chick we called Charlene
we first met Kylie on the small screen
A neighbour we all'd love to have
to share a chat over a cab sav
Then Locomotion changed the way
we saw this Melbourne chick that day
Track after track she had us grooving
and to the world her music proving
classic hits like Slow and Shocked
every dance floor she really rocked
Fever, Timebomb, In Your Eyes
all other music fell to the side
Graceful highs, resilient lows
what she's made of, she did show
Now on this day of 44
she just gives us more and more
we salute our Kylie and attest
on this her birthday, she's the BEST!
Happy Birthday Kylie, Love SnapCacklePop xoxo!

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