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Thursday, 24 May 2012

New Video Alert - Richard Vission Vs Luciana - When It Feels This Good

Following up the previous collaboration I Like That back in 2009, that sexy Luciana is back with the official music video for club track When It Feels This Good working once again with DJ/Producer Richard VissionPreviously called SW@GGA, we got first glimpse of the video when the I’m Still Hot singer left SCP a birthday message in her orange wig, cape and roller skates. It all unfolds as Luciana and the Roller Dolls create havoc around the Hollywood streets, stealing vans, money, seducing men and partying it up big style all on roller skates..!  Filming of the video seemed to be entertaining all according to the singer...

“All of a sudden there was a crowd watching as we filmed the scenes in Hollywood, people were great ,shouting their support and some were being very cheeky about my little outfit, one fan even managed to pinch my bottom! Cheeky bugger!”

More like lucky bugger. We are loving this new track and we patiently await the sexy singers EP later this year. Check it out below. Oh and Luciana, loving the cleavage luv..!

Check out our birthday message from the sexy singer below..!

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