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Sunday, 13 May 2012

New Video Alert - Rebecca Black - Sing It

The last time Rebecca Black graced the pages of SCP it was for her awful song Friday which was nominated for worst song of the year. She lost that award to Kim Kardashian because even though Friday was astronomically bad, at least she was out there giving it a go, being nice to the critics and maintaining a level of grace that impressed us. It also helped that she appeared in Katy Perry's video Last Friday Night and the track was also featured on Glee

She's back with a new single now and you know what... it ain't half bad!! She's matured a bit in the year since Friday and has been working with some good producers and obviously worked on her vocals as well. Sounding a bit like a Kelly Clarkson track, Sing It is her new single and we've been enjoying it! She charms us with her sweet smile in the fun video and we genuinely hope that it does well for her. Decide for yourself below..!

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