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Sunday, 13 May 2012

New Video Alert - Colbie Callait - Favorite Song

Colbie Callait is one of those artists who's always bubbling away in the background. Her debut single Bubbly was a smash hit, topping the charts world-wide however since then she's not had a track that has sone as well. Colbie has has some great songs like Realize and Brighter Than The Sun and Lucky,  the song she did with Jason Mraz is just brilliant but she's hoping to change that with her new single Favorite Song! More upbeat pop that we love from this Californian native  who's filmed her new video in the sunshine by her favourite beach. She's enlisted the help of rapper Common to add some hip-hip groove to the track and they work well together. We don't think it will have the success of Bubbly but we love it nevertheless! Will Favorite Song be your favourite song..?

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