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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

New Video Alert - BAKER - Echo

New Yorker BAKER caught our attention at SCP HQ with his new track Echo with its catchy and electronic beats. Following up his last single All I’m Gonna Say, Chris Baker sound is pleasant enough infusing the current electro pop trend, handsome good looks and his own edgy style. However, though the single is great, it’s the more singers forthcoming album we are looking forward to hearing. He’s been working with producer Greg Ogan from The Writing Group and Eric Sanicola a member of famed Lady Gaga producer RedOne’s production team on his new record due out later this year. Speaking of his forthcoming album Mr Fashionista says “It’s big. I’ve been working with people from RedOne and The Writing Camp so I’ve been learning a lot. The beats are bigger and the choruses catchier i can’t wait to share them!”

We can’t with Mr. Baker.

Check out Baker’s new track Echo below..!

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