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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

New Single Alert - Katy Perry - Wide Awake

If Justin Bieber did it, why can't Katy Perry? The Justin Bieber doco Never Say Never provided an interesting perspective on his life, how he got started and shows that he's actually quite a talented musician. Wide Awake is Katy Perry's new single written especially for her new documentary, Katy Perry - Part Of Me and we're excited to learn more about Katy in her upcoming doco as well. 

In the lead-up to it and as part of her album The Complete Confection we have for you here official lyric video for Wide Awake. Cleverly using Facebook Timeline as the basis for the lyric video, we see Katy's life over the past few years all laid out in front of is. A really great song too that again is likely to top the charts, just like everything else she's released over the past few years! Have a listen to Wide Awake here now and we've also got the trailer for Katy Perry - Part Of Me for you here too..!

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