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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Kylie Minogue on Glee..!

Glee is a show that transcends age, sex, religion, borders and crosses over so many boundaries to delight and unite the people of the world. It tackles issues that no other show could. A featured song can hit the top of the charts immediately after being covered on the show. It has made international stars out of the cast and changed the way world views musical theatre and pop music as well. Some of the biggest acts in the world have been covered with the likes of Katy PerryMaroon 5Justin BieberAdeleMadonnaBritney Spears and Rihanna all featured heavily.

However there's one act who hasn't been covered who simply must be. She might not be the one of the biggest or best known artists in the States, but in other parts of the world, especially Australia, Europe & Asia she's an icon. We're talking about the one and only Kylie MinogueMiss Minogue is ripe to be covered on Glee and we at SCP believe that Can't Get You Out Of My Head would be the perfect song to be done by the kids of McKinley High. The song would work perfectly with the interpersonal relationships on the show. Think about Mercedes singing that in the school halls dreaming about Sam - or even better, Santana singing it about Britney!
We know that Kylie is a big fan of the show as well, and would appear in a heartbeat, but let's not aim too high! Maybe an Australian substitute teacher? 

Producers of Glee, please hear our plea 

The Princess Of Pop, the world wants to see 

Sung in the halls, by the kids of Glee 

Would make our pop year, and oh so happy

Santana singing, 'set me free' 

Would warm up our hearts, esp. sung to Britney 

It's SCP's plight, our promise to thee 

We'll give our all, to hear KYLIE on GLEE..!

Check out one of our fav moments on Glee and the power these kids have..!

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