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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mothers Day from SCP!

If it wasn't for our Mothers we wouldn't be here. They are the ones that give us life and love. They fix our boo boos and correct our homework. They feed and bathe us and make sure that we grow up strong and healthy. At SCP we love our Mums soooo much and we thank them for everything that they've done for us. On behalf of SCP we'd like to thank all the Mums out there and this special celebrity Mum post is for you..!

Victoria Beckham with Brooklyn, Romeo & Cruz
Arguably the most famous Mother in the world Mrs Beckham's first priority are her kids. They have a staff of professionals to care for them but they're always out and about with their Mum. Posh, this is for you..!

Britney Spears with Sean Preston & Jayden James
She's copped criticism for her parenting but we know that Britney loves her kids so much and they're growing up happy, healthy & loved. This is for you Britney!

Jennifer Lopez with fraternal twins Max & Emme
These two beautiful kids are doted on by their loving Mum and despite all her success JLo puts Max & Emme first. We dedicate this for you JLo!

Christina Aguilera with Max
Taking a big break after the birth of her son Max, Christina Aguilera makes sure that Max knows he's beautiful - no matter what they say...

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