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Thursday, 31 May 2012

New Single Alert - Illy - Heard It All

Aussie Hip-Hop has been doing well lately with the likes of 360, Hilltop Hoods, Draft and Phrase finding great success on the charts. There's another artist called Illy who's been quietly plugging away with singles like The Chase and the brilliant Cigarettes finding homes in iTunes collections of Hip Hop fans worldwide. Well be prepared for Illy to break into the big time wit his new single Heard It All. We don't normally review Hip Hop here but this track is very very cool - groovy, sexy, smooth and damn funky with Illy's rap working with his own vocals to make the most of the motown influence which brings the whole track together. A Hip Hop track we're very proud to include in our collection, we'll bring you the video soon but in the meantime you gotta check out Heard It All here now..!

New Video Alert - Kaiser Chiefs - Listen To Your Head

With one of the SCP staffers obsessed with cars, watching this new video from UK Super-Group Kaiser Chiefs made him so excited he had trouble standing up! A Nissan GT-R, Porsche 911 and Audi R8 star in this video which is more motion picture than music video! What makes it even more interesting is the beauty of the song. Related to their hit Ruby, Listen To Your Head is a bit slower than their other tracks but with a great chorus and full use of their amazing talents as musicians, this track deserves to be a hit. As it's from their new album - Souvenir - The Singles 2004 - 2012 it should be! Check out Listen To Your Head here now..!

New Video Alert - Scissor Sisters - Baby Come Home

Now that's more like it!! Yay!! While their first single from their new album Magic Hour, Shady Love didn't do well, their next single Only The Horses was a huge improvement and a great track but it didn't sound like the Scissor Sisters we know. Their new single Baby Come Home sounds exactly like the Sisters we know and love! A fun and imaginative video makes the single all the more exciting too! We're loving every second of Baby Come Home and you will too! Magic Hour is out now on iTunes..!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

New Video Alert - Florence + The Machine - Spectrum

Recently wow-ing audiences in Sydney, Florence + The Machine rocked the sails off the Sydney Opera House with those powerful vocals and hauntingly beautiful songs. One of those songs is their new single and video Spectrum, we think one of the best tracks on Ceremonials. A beautiful track expertly produced and brimming with a level of musicality which only Florence could bring. The video too is a masterpiece with Florence featuring an amazing ballet dance troupe in highly choreographed routines around her. When it comes to music and video - perfection. Decide for yourself here..!

New Video Alert - Agnes - One Last Time

We've been checking the Facebook and Twitter pages of one of our favourite Swedish pop stars, Agnes, regularly for over 6 months now eagerly awaiting any news of a new after her last single in September, Don't Go Breaking My Heart knocked our socks off! Well One Last Time is her new song and it's definitely not what we expected. Hoping for another high energy dance track like Release Me, we instead get a slower 80's style single that we're still warming to. Undoubtedly there'll be some wicked remixes of the track which were looking forward to but in the meantime check out One Last Time here now..!

New Video Alert - Gym Class Heroes - Fighter Featuring Ryan Tedder

We brought you the new single from Gym Class Heroes and Ryan Tedder, The Fighter waaaay back in November last year, now finally the video is out! It really is a song of inspiration and along with the new single from B.o.B and as expected in our last review it's being used to motivate and inspire the US Olympic team. The video centres around the life of US gymnast John Orozco and even shows his exploits even as a 5 year old gymnast with some home video footage! No doubt with the London Olympics around the corner this track will finally explode in the U.S! We're still loving it months later and you will do. Be inspired by The Fighter here now..!

New Video Alert - A Trak & Dillon Francis - Money Makin'

It seems A-Trak and Dillon Francis have been watching too many ANZ advertisements! Their new single Money Makin' features an ATM who gets up and walks just like ANZ's Kevin the ATM! This ATM tho gets a bit more animated though popping some dance moves and becoming the most popular member of the dance floor... until he runs out of cash!! Scratch turn-tablist A-Trak teams up with Mad Decent producer Dillon Francis for this poppy fun electronic hit. Check out the fun video for Money Makin' here now..!
& here's the ANZ ad featuring Kevin the ATM!

New Single Alert - Cody Simpson - Got Me Good

There's always been an 'Australia's Justin Bieber' about Queensland's Cody Simpson. He's got the beautiful blonde hair, he's got the girl friendly looks and the vocals to match too! He's never achieved the same level of success as the Beebster but with his new single Got Me Good he's hoping to turn those thousands that turn out to his appearances into tens of thousands! We really like Got Me Good, it's fun and friendly with a little bit of Jason Mraz in the style of track which is a good thing for us! Out June 12th but until then check out Got Me Good here now..!

New Video Alert - Will.I.Am – This Is Love Feat. Eva Simons

Arguably the best part of The Black Eyed Peas, Will.I.Am is recognised world wide as an amazing musician who not only makes his own amazing work but also has a hand in producing and collaborating on work for artists like Michael Jackson, Nicki Minaj, Cheryl Cole, Justin Timberlake and many more. About to release his second album, he's teamed up with upcoming IT girl Eva Simons for his new hit track This Is Love which really is Will.I.Am at his best. A brilliant pop track where we get the best of both worlds - awesome vocals by Eva, and familiar rap stylings of Will. Filmed in London right by Tower Bridge we should be seeing this video and single top the charts around the world! Check out This Is Love here now..!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Pete's Pop Picks

Monarchy - I Won't Let Go

Sorry we can't give you a better picture but you won't find one of Monarchy! Andrew Armstrong and Ra Black are London based Monarchy who prefer to keep their identities hidden and have had the honour, of being the first band with a gig transmitted into space with their debut performance being at Cape Canaveral
A brilliant sound, self described as Glacial Pop, their new single I Won't Let Go is very melodic and their voices in harmony against an electronic beat. They've been in the business for a while and have remixed of the likes of Kylie, Jamiroquai, Kelis and GaGa! Interesting and unique, Monarchy get Pete's Pop Pick of the week..!

Zazou - Mission
We don't get many Swiss artists on SnapCacklePop but Zazou Mall is ready to fly the flag for the neutral state! Appearing on the German version of Idol, Zazou was compared to Beyonce! While we may not agree with that, we do enjoy her new single Mission - fun with a 90's beat Misson is a good effort at an English pop track, so check out some of Zazou's moves here..!

G.E.M. - What Have You Done
Don't let the title fool you - this is a non-English song! We don't often have them on SCP and this is the first Asian language song I can think of but tell you what - it rocks! G.E.M. is Hong Kong's answer to The Veronicas, vocals with attitude, rocking beat and catchy chorus - the title What Have You Done however is in English! If this song was done in English it would be a hit! No doubt this will be big in Asia, G.E.M. - if you're reading, do an english version for us.. PLEASE!!!

New Video Alert - Gossip - Move In The Right Direction

Taken from their new album A Joyful Noise American indie-pop band Gossip have released a video for Move In The Right Direction the second single to be lifted from the album that was produced by Xenomania founder Brian Higgins. The video is a combination of lyric video and clips of Beth and the band dancing with a troupe of dancers getting down to the funky track. Check out the video below..!

A Joyful Noise is available on iTunes now..!

New Video Alert - Chew Lips - Do You Chew?

Dance pop duo Chew Lips are what we call at SCP HQ “cool pop” with their sweet melody and mixes it with the streetness of an R’n’B beat backed by ridiculously catchy vocals. The band has just released the video for Do You Chew? which we featured last month which is very chilled yet uber-cool clip and see’s the band taking to the road. The band will actually be hitting the road later this year in the UK to promote their forthcoming sophomore album. Check out the clip below..! 

Monday, 28 May 2012

New Single Alert - Owl City - Shooting Star

One man band Owl City hit the airwaves big time a few years ago with Fireflies. This extraordinary single put him on the map and the single has been covered on YouTube and on talent shows around the world! Known to his Mum as Adam Young, Minnesota native Owl City has now released his new E.P. Shooting Star featuring the new single of the same name. More pop than his previous tracks we're loving the new single. Sounding a bit Cobra Starship with a upbeat chorus with lots of "Whooo's" we hear Adam's vocals that we're familiar with from Fireflies take on a new dimension in the chorus showing a power that we really like. Have a listen yourself here now to Owl City's new single Shooting Star..!

New Video Alert - Jay Sean - I'm All Yours Feat. Pitbull

British R&B artist Jay Sean has it all, hot cars, a smokin' body, chicks draped off him and a lavish pop star lifestyle. His new track I'm All Yours shows it all off perfectly too! The lead single from his upcoming forth album, I'm All Yours is filmed in Miami and features rapper Pitbull, exotic cars, luxury yachts and Jay Sean lapping it all up! Self described as 'high-energy and romantic', I'm All Yours is a great pop track, so check it out now..!

Our Kylie Birthday Tribute!

As a cutesy chick we called Charlene
we first met Kylie on the small screen
A neighbour we all'd love to have
to share a chat over a cab sav
Then Locomotion changed the way
we saw this Melbourne chick that day
Track after track she had us grooving
and to the world her music proving
classic hits like Slow and Shocked
every dance floor she really rocked
Fever, Timebomb, In Your Eyes
all other music fell to the side
Graceful highs, resilient lows
what she's made of, she did show
Now on this day of 44
she just gives us more and more
we salute our Kylie and attest
on this her birthday, she's the BEST!
Happy Birthday Kylie, Love SnapCacklePop xoxo!

New Video Alert - Flo-Rida - Whistle

Releasing his new single Whistle first here in Australia during his tour down under the song went straight to the top of the charts here and is now doing the same around the world! Incrediby catchy and something you can whistle along to - of course, this new track from Flo Rida is showing the world that he means business - big business! His last single with Sia, Wild Ones still Top 10 in the States he's looking to remain in the Top 10 with his new single. Flo Rida, from Florida is looking incredibly buff and he's even on the June cover of Muscle & Fitness! If you've not yet heard Whistle, you will soon, but in the meantime check out the video here now..!

New Single Alert - Jason Derulo - Undefeated

Fully recovered after breaking his neck whilst performing stunts in practice for his Future History World Tour, Jason Derulo is ready to assault the charts with his new single Undefeated! Tell you what - there is no better single for him to come back with. Not only does it show how he did not let his broken neck defeat him, it's also a brilliant pop track! Something you'll be humming along to with it's catchy chorus and ripper beat we predict Undefeated will be hitting the top of the charts very very soon! We'll bring you the video as soon as it's ready but in the meantime check out Undefeated here - out now on iTunes..!

New Single Alert - Jessica Lowndes - The Other Girl

If Jessica Lowndes looks familiar, it may be that she's from the new version of 90210 where she plays troubled teen, turned pop star Adrianna! She actually has more of a background in music, by the age of 16 releasing her first E.P. before she moved to L.A. from Vancouver and fell into acting. Her vocal abilities means that she does all her own singing on 90210 and now she's also released a new single The Other Girl. Citing influence from Kelly Clarkson & P!nk, The Other Girl could be a single from either of these artists but Jessica makes it her own and with the backing of her show we should be seeing The Other Girl hitting the charts soon..!

New Video Alert - Breathe Carolina - Hit and Run

We've had a Breathe Carolina track on SCP before. Blackout was instantly likeable - great beat, fun lyrics and cheeky video made us love the trek which we're still loving today! This band from Colorado are using a similar formula for their new track Hit And Run. It is their new music video but is actually a lyric video featuring footage of the boys in Vegas. Highly energetic and full of electronic intervention we're loving the new track from Breathe Carolina & we hope you will too! Check out Hit And Run here now..!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Preview new The Temper Trap album..!

The Temper Trap were groundbreaking with their debut album Conditions  with their effortless and beautiful tracks that soared with lead singers Madagi’s vocals taking your on an emotional journey. It’s been three years since their debut and they are now back with their self titled album. Their lead single Need Your Love felt different, yet comfortable as the band have evolved to incorporate the sounds of today and the album follows suit with familiar sounding tracks The Sea Is Calling, Dreams and Empire. And stand out tracks being Trembling Hands. Check out the full album sampler below and let us know what you think.

The Temper Trap album is available now on iTunes…!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

New Video Alert - B.O.B. - Champions Feat. O.A.R.

With the London Olympics just around the corner, the inevitable songs to coincide with the event are also be hitting the airwaves as well. Sponsored by Duracell and to support the US Olympic team, B.O.B has teamed up with O.A.R. for their new single Champions. 
Undoubtedly inspirational, the guys are hoping this track will help the US Olympic team to reach new heights. The video focuses on the efforts of the athletes of the team and sees the guy in the studio recording the track. Check out Champions here now..!

New Video Alert - Cobra Starship - #1Nite Feat. My Name Is Kay

We've known how good My Name Is Kay is here for some time and now it seems like the music industry is sitting up and listening too! Cobra Starship, the band responsible for putting Sabi on the map with You Make Me Feel, has recruited My Name Is Kay for their new single #1Nite which is a lot more pop than we've heard from these guys before! 
To coincide with the song, they've released a home movie of the track prior to an all new video due out soon. It's great to see some behind the scenes of Cobra Starship as well as My Name Is Kay in their new video and we look forward to seeing the official video as well which we'll being you when it's out! In the meantime here's #1Nite for you here now..!

Friday, 25 May 2012

New Video Alert - Kylie Minogue - Timebomb

After weeks of teasing the new Kylie video is here! It is B R I L L I A N T ! The pop princess is looking fabulous and Timebomb will appeal to Kylie fans and pop lovers world wide! Only JUST released and we will have it on repeat for days! Kylie, we love you & you're the best. Watch her new video Timebomb directed by Christian Larson here now..!

New Single Preview - Kylie Minogue - Timebomb

It's here!!!

Preview new Ladyhawke album Anxiety..!

We think many pop fans have been eagerly awaiting new material from Ladyhawke..! Ever since her self titled debut album burst onto the charts back in 2007/8 including five hit singles Back of the Van, Paris Is Burning, Dusk Till Dawn, Magic and the brilliant, top selling My Delirium, we have ALL been biting at the bit for more..!

Well the New Zealander is back after 2 years hiatus with new album Anxiety and once again delivering 10 further electro pop rock tracks that are either indie girl with attitude  or airy dreaminess like in her last release Black White & Blue
And as SCP loves you all, we can let you preview the album to understand what we are talking about. Check it out below..!

Ladyhawke may have been MIA these last few years, however after listen to the album al is forgiven..!

New Video Alert - Kelly Clarkson - Dark Side

Today Kelly Clarkson premiered the new video for Dark Side the song that sings about inner demons and not being always perfect. According to KC “Everybody's got a dark side” and “Nobody's a picture perfect” with a video that shows people tackling drug addiction, marital problems and weight issue then singing that though these days are dark, there are better days to come as the clip changes to happier imagery. This is the third single taken from the ex American Idol’s brilliant new album Stronger. If you haven’t got the new album, please purchase urgently as its Kelly back to her best..!

Stronger is available on iTunes now..!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

New Single Alert - Bobby Brown - Don't Let Me Die

An obvious grab for popularity after Whitney Houston's death or a heart felt tribute to his former lover? That's something that only Bobby Brown says is the latter but only he really knows. "Been bout a month since you've been gone..." "I didn't realise that every breath I took from you.. you were my air""I guess I f*#ked up pretty bad.." are just some of the lyrics in the track that does seem like a heart felt tribute to Whitney. We like the melodic nature of the song and the words express his sorrow and grief for Whitney, we'd just like to know if it's for real. Don't Let Me Die is Bobby Brown's new single - is it a tribute to Whitney or is he using her death as a grab for renewed stardom - what do you think?

New Single Alert - Diana Vickers - Boy In Paris

Funny thing about Boy In Paris, the new song from Diana Vickers, when we first heard it, we immediately liked it but it wasn't until we were cleaning the SCP offices after an especially intense boogie, when the song came on loud that we realised that the song is AWESOME!! Beautiful melodies, wicked beat all complemented by the former X-Factor finalists delicate vocals makes this track a must have. Diana has been working with some amazing musicians for her new album including Starsailor singer James Walsh which will surely give the Once singer a whole new depth to her music which we'll love! Check out Boy In Paris here now..!

New Video Alert - Richard Vission Vs Luciana - When It Feels This Good

Following up the previous collaboration I Like That back in 2009, that sexy Luciana is back with the official music video for club track When It Feels This Good working once again with DJ/Producer Richard VissionPreviously called SW@GGA, we got first glimpse of the video when the I’m Still Hot singer left SCP a birthday message in her orange wig, cape and roller skates. It all unfolds as Luciana and the Roller Dolls create havoc around the Hollywood streets, stealing vans, money, seducing men and partying it up big style all on roller skates..!  Filming of the video seemed to be entertaining all according to the singer...

“All of a sudden there was a crowd watching as we filmed the scenes in Hollywood, people were great ,shouting their support and some were being very cheeky about my little outfit, one fan even managed to pinch my bottom! Cheeky bugger!”

More like lucky bugger. We are loving this new track and we patiently await the sexy singers EP later this year. Check it out below. Oh and Luciana, loving the cleavage luv..!

Check out our birthday message from the sexy singer below..!

New Video Alert - Blush - All Stars

Sometimes SCP receives news of a band that has all the makings of a great pop band and we just love them instantly. All-Asian pop girl group Blush have released their new video for their track All Stars taken from their new debut EP The Undivided. 
Hailing from Philippines, Japan, Korea, India and China, this band deliver a fun and upbeat pop track full of great dance beats and fun lyrics. Matching the lyrics is the video directed by Simon Yin taking in the sights and sounds of Hong Kong and the sun and surf of the Los Angeles coast. 

SCP can only smile when we watch this video and wish these Blush girls every success with their new EP. 
Check out the fun video below..!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Kylie's Best Of Album commercial..!

We brought you a couple of days ago news of Kylie's new album The Best Of Kylie Minogue and we're so excited about the June 4 release of the album!  Now we can also bring you the TV commercial for the release as well..!

New Video Alert - Swiss Lips - Danz

The last time we wrote about Swiss Lips was for their cool single U Got The Power and we raved about the creativity shown in their video using old clips of dance movies. This Manchester electro-pop group have done it again for their new single & video Danz. These guys not only know how to write an awesome track but show the world how a video clip need not be expensive or boring. Danz follows a homeless looking guys who shimmies and shakes all around the city! Beautifully shot and nothing like you've seen before, Danz is a great video that shows off another hit track from Swiss Lips! Check it out here now..!

New Single Alert - Tom Cruise - Pour Some Sugar On Me

Yes you read the title correctly. This New Single Alert is for Tom Cruise. THE Tom Cruise - think Cocktail, Jerry Maguire & Top Gun. Rock Of Ages is his new movie and in it he plays a hard rocking' hard drinkin' rock star who plays Stacee Jaxx, a legendary musician in this movie based on the Broadway show of the same name and from the director of brilliant Hairspray! The movie covers some classic rock including Hit Me With Your Best Shot from Pat Benetar, Don't Stop Believing from Journey and the Def Leppard classic that Tom has recorded for the movie Pour Some Sugar On Me! We've no doubt that this movie will be amazing and not only do we have the single for you here now, we also have the preview of Rock Of Ages below! We'll be first in line to see it for sure in the meantime check out the vocal stylings of Tom Cruise here now..!

And here's the trailer for his new movie Rock Of Ages..!

New Video Alert - BAKER - Echo

New Yorker BAKER caught our attention at SCP HQ with his new track Echo with its catchy and electronic beats. Following up his last single All I’m Gonna Say, Chris Baker sound is pleasant enough infusing the current electro pop trend, handsome good looks and his own edgy style. However, though the single is great, it’s the more singers forthcoming album we are looking forward to hearing. He’s been working with producer Greg Ogan from The Writing Group and Eric Sanicola a member of famed Lady Gaga producer RedOne’s production team on his new record due out later this year. Speaking of his forthcoming album Mr Fashionista says “It’s big. I’ve been working with people from RedOne and The Writing Camp so I’ve been learning a lot. The beats are bigger and the choruses catchier i can’t wait to share them!”

We can’t with Mr. Baker.

Check out Baker’s new track Echo below..!

Preview Gossip's new album A Joyful Noise..!

Gossip released their brand new album A Joyful Noise a few weeks ago and incase you haven’t heard it yet, we bring you this preview player. The album is jammed full of 80’s pop-rock inspired tracks however leaning more to pop infused with dance with heavy guitar rifts. No wonder, as Beth Ditto and the gang have been working with pop producer gods Mark Ronson ( think Amy Winehouse ) and Brian Higgins of Xenomania fame ( think Girls Aloud  ) to produce the new record which is dance pop with the raw edge that Gossip delivered on their previous album Music For Men.

A Joyful Noise is available on iTunes now..! Go on, you won't be disappointed..!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

New Single Alert - Vicci Martinez - Come Along Feat. Cee Lo Green

In Australia, Matt Corby and Lisa Mitchell are examples of real musical talents who just happen to be discovered on a reality TV show. In the States Vicci Martinez is a perfect example how incredible musicians can be discovered on TV. Vicci Martinez came third in last years The Voice and impressed execs at Universal she was signed immediately on the proviso that she was allowed to maintain artistic control as a serious singer/songwriter. She was on Cee Lo Green's team in the show and he's appeared as guest vocalist on her debut single Come Along. To say this song is brilliant is a massive understatement. Gorgeous vocals mixed with beautiful instrumentals including that guitar riff that takes you back to an old western movie makes this track one of our favourites this year! Definitely one to watch in 2012, have a listen to Come Along here now..!

New Single Alert - Katy Perry - Wide Awake

If Justin Bieber did it, why can't Katy Perry? The Justin Bieber doco Never Say Never provided an interesting perspective on his life, how he got started and shows that he's actually quite a talented musician. Wide Awake is Katy Perry's new single written especially for her new documentary, Katy Perry - Part Of Me and we're excited to learn more about Katy in her upcoming doco as well. 

In the lead-up to it and as part of her album The Complete Confection we have for you here official lyric video for Wide Awake. Cleverly using Facebook Timeline as the basis for the lyric video, we see Katy's life over the past few years all laid out in front of is. A really great song too that again is likely to top the charts, just like everything else she's released over the past few years! Have a listen to Wide Awake here now and we've also got the trailer for Katy Perry - Part Of Me for you here too..!

Kylie to release Best of Album..!

Its not just the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and London Olympics that are exciting moments in 2012, as on the July 28th our Kylie Minogue will officially be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the release date her debut single The Loco-Motion. Nicknamed K25, Kylie has been celebrating this milestone throughout the year with a program of musical releases, surprise performances, tours and yet to be revealed other surprises including performing at Abbey Road, Sydney’s Mardi Gras and her now famous Anti-Tour.

Now the singer will release a greatest hits album The Best of Kylie Minogue on June 4th to celebrate the anniversary. The songs selected for the record were chosen by fans and includes 21 tracks on CD and the music videos on DVD. 

Can this year get any more Minogue? We think so..!
With the pop princess due to perform at the Queens Jubilee special concert, headlining Prom In The Park, being creative director at Sydney New Years celebration and especially with new single Timebomb due to go off soon.

Its Minogue madness and we are loving it..!

The Best of Kylie Minogue tracklisting (CD/DVD sequence is identical):

Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Spinning Around
I Should Be So Lucky
Love At First Sight
In Your Eyes
Kids (with Robbie Williams)
Better The Devil You Know
All The Lovers
Give Me Just A Little More Time
Red Blooded Woman
I Believe In You
On A Night Like This
Confide In Me
Get Outta My Way
The Loco-Motion
Tears On My Pillow
In My Arms
Never Too Late
Here is one of Kylie's other bombs, this time Cherry flavour..!

New Video Alert - Hot Chip - Night & Day

We’ve been alerted that electro-pop group Hot Chip’s new video for Night and Day has just been released. The Peter Serafinowicz directed video featuring cameos from Terence Stamp, Lara Stone and Reggie Watts and is the lead single taken from the bands forthcoming album In Our Heads.

And winner is...Billboard Music Awards 2012 including performances..!

It was hardly surprising that this years Billboard Music Awards belonged to Adele. We think if she didn’t win most categories she was nominated for then we would have to call for a recount..! The Brit singer won a staggering twelve awards including Top Artist, Top Female Artist and Top Billboard 200 Album and Top Pop album for 21. Other big winners of the night we LMFAO for their track Party Rock Anthem picking up six awards, Lil Wayne and Coldplay receiving four awards and Lady Gaga picking two including Top Dance Act.

There were numerous live performances from Katy Perry, Justin Beiber, Kelly Clarkson and country singer sweetheart Carrie Underwood who we recently caught up with for a chat. Check out our interview here however the most moving part of the night was a touching tribute to recently passed away Donna Summer by UK singer Natasha Bedingfield and a similar tribute to Whitney Houston with a medley of her hits performed by John Legend and Jordin Sparks.

Check out the full list of award winners below with some of the key performances from the night.

Top Artist:

Top New Artist:
Wiz Khalifa

Top Male Artist:
Lil Wayne

Top Female Artist:

Top Duo/Group:

Check out boys bringing the party to the award show..!

Top Billboard 200 Artist:

Top Hot 100 Artist:

Top Digital Songs Artist:

Top Radio Songs Artist:

Top Touring Artist:

Top Social Artist:
Justin Bieber

The Beiber gave this future funk performance of his new single Boyfriend.

Top Streaming Artist:

Top Digital Media Artist:

Top Pop Artist:

Top R&B Artist:
Chris Brown

Top Rap Artist:
Lil Wayne

Top Country Artist:
Lady Antebellum

Top Rock Artist:

Top Alternative Artist:

Top Latin Artist:

Top Dance Artist:
Lady Gaga

Top Christian Artist:
Casting Crowns

Nelly Furtado popped by to perform her lastest single Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)

Top Billboard 200 Album:
Adele - 21

Top Pop Album:
Adele - 21

Top R&B Album:
Beyonce - 4

Top Rap Album:
Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV

Top Country Album:
Jason Aldean - My Kinda Party

Top Rock Album:
Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto

Top Alternative Album:
Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto

Top Latin Album:
Romeo Santos - Formula: Vol. 1

Top Dance Album:
Lady Gaga - Born This Way

Top Christian Album:
Casting Crowns - Come To The Well

Newcomer Carly Rae Jepsen gave this performance of her debut track Call Me Maybe

Top Hot 100 Song:
LMFAO Feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock - Party Rock Anthem

Top Digital Song :
LMFAO Feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock - Party Rock Anthem

Top Radio Song:
Pitbull Feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer - Give Me Everything

Top Streaming Song (Audio):
Adele - Rolling in the Deep

Top Streaming Song (Video):
Nicki Minaj - Super Bass

Top Pop Song:
LMFAO Feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock - Party Rock Anthem

Top R&B Song:
Kelly Rowland Feat. Lil Wayne - Motivation

Top Rap Song:
LMFAO Feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock - Party Rock Anthem

Top Country Song:
Jason Aldean - Dirt Road Anthem

Though not picking up any awards on the evening, Carrie Underwood gave this brilliant performance of her new single Blown Away

Top Rock Song:
Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks

Top Alternative Song:
Adele - Rolling In The Deep

Top Latin Song:
Don Omar & Lucenzo - Danza Kuduro

Top Dance Song:
LMFAO Feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock - Party Rock Anthem

Top Christian Song:
Laura Story - Blessings 

The touching tribute to Whitney Houston by John Legend and Jordan Sparks

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