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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

One Direction land in Oz, open a shop and get semi naked..!

So One Direction madness has hit our shores and we are already deafened by the screams. The boys only landed yesterday morning and were greeted by hundreds of screaming girls at Sydney International Airport. And not to miss an opportunity to cash in on their visit, the boys will be opening thier official Sydney merchandise store selling their music, posters and even doll's of themselves this coming Saturday, with hundreds of teenage girls expected to descend on the store.
Though today was not about their fans, it was a chance for the boys to unwind after the U.S leg of their tour by taking a boat out on the harbour and treating their fans to a boys stripping...! 
Do they not know it was the coldest day of Autumn so far at 16 degrees!?!?!?!
Something was funny, maybe it was his swimmers..!

Needs air product, stat..!
Going for the macho look..!
Flexing for the camera's
The boys today will be preparing for yet more radio interviews, TV appearances and shows across Australia.

Check out their performance on Saturday Night Live at the weekend..!

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