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Saturday, 21 April 2012

New Single Alert - Cold Chisel - Everybody

The music industry is a hard business, with some artists recording the same song without knowing and it becomes survival of the fittest. For example, both Margaret Urlich and Celine Dion recorded All By Myself at around the same time. Margaret's version was released first but was withdrawn from sale as Celine was the bigger artist. The same happened with Jenny Morris and Belinda Carlisle recording In Too Deep with Jenny's version withdrawn from sale and being the music industry it can be cut throat and all about sales..!

However, something different has happened with the release of the new single from Cold Chisel - first listen to this...
Australian actress and singer Abi Tucker released this single, Everybody back in 2001 whist at the height of her success on the TV series The Secret Life Of Us. The single had reasonable success, so we were surprised with the re-launch of iconic Aussie rock band Cold Chisel, they've surprisingly chosen to cover Abi Tucker's single! Both versions of the songs are great, however we prefer the Abi Tucker version for sure. What was even more interesting though is what we found when we jumped onto iTunes - the Abi Tucker version of the song has been removed! Scandalous!
Have a listen here and decide for yourself..!

If you have any examples of artists recording the same song at the same time let us know!

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