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Sunday, 29 April 2012

And the winner is... Reece Mastin Competition..!

Last week we met up and interviewed with the Rock pop singer Reece Mastin to talk about his new single Shut Up & Kiss Me and life post X-Factor. He kindly gave us three signed copies to give away to our readers of which we asked you...

What Good Night you'd have with Reece to make him say Shut Up And Kiss Me to you? 

We were overwhelmed by the number of responses from you Lil Rockers and the Good Night you'd plan with Reece. After much deliberation and a few arguments at SCP HQ, the winning three entries were...

Lauren wrote...
I would plan to take Reece Mastin to outer space and pay for his ticket to the moon and will set up a romantic table with roses and chairs and candles and LOTS OF FOOD for us to enjoy! Then chat and chat and get his number and be awesome and then after that I will take him to a skateboard and microphone shop and buy him everything he wants until he tells me to stop talking and shut up and kiss him!!!!!!!!!

Jasmin wrote...
i think my answer will be that i would get him to sing with his acoustic guitar 'shut up & kiss me', and after he finishes singing i would say 'wait say the first line of the last verse again, and he'd say 'shut up & kiss me?' and i would (; ehehehe <3

Jess wrote...
A good night for me and Reece would be hiding little notes one by one leading him In different directions. At the last note he follows he goes into a dark ally and see me with Steven Tyler by my side. I grab Reece pull him and steven to a stage and they sing dream on together. We get to a place where Liv Is with Avril Levine and she greets Reece and gives him a kiss on the cheek at that point reece should say shut up and kiss me.

Congratulations to Lauren, Jess & Jasmin. We'll be in touch to get your signed CD to your asap..!

Thank you to every Lil Rocker that entered the competition, we'll have more Reece give aways soon and shortly have more news on his forthcoming album.

Stay tuned. 

Until then, here is Reece performing his new track Shut Up & Kiss Me on Dancing With The Stars

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