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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Snap Cackle Pop Interview - Strange Talk ..!

We recently caught up with lead singer Steve from our favorite Melbourne electro pop band Strange Talk,  to talk about their new album, how the band formed, their SnapCacklePop Award, which is better Sydney or Melbourne and pee’ing in public places. Check out the interview below..!

Hello Strange Talk! Welcome to SnapCacklePop

How do you feel about winning the SnapCacklePop One To Watch 2012 Best new band award? 
It's actually the first award as a band that we've won. Totally unexpected but it's very encouraging. 

You've had a great year with sell out live shows and a storming set at park life - what's been the stand out for you? 
As far as shows go, Parklife was definitely a big highlight for us. It was the first time we were on the mainstage at a festival and the whole crew were fantastic. Aside from shows, the biggest  stand-out was in June 2011 when we shot our first video clip for the song Climbing Walls. We shot it in the Mojave desert just outside LA, and it was probably the best experience we've had so far.

You're a relatively new indie synth combo - can you tell us the nitty gritty about how you got together? 
Originally we were just two guys who met in the melbourne club scene writing dance music/instrumentals for fun in a small studio above a panel beating workshop. We wanted a change and decided to start writing songs. After a year or two of trial and error and learning how to write songs we wanted to start a project, which became strange Talk. We had a handfull of songs which we uploaded onto a myspace and we starting attracting some attention from managers, record labels etc. Originally we never thought about the live aspect of the songs we were writing, but we started to get asked for showcases. We got referred to Travis and Gillan (Drummer and Guitarist), who were really vibing the songs and for the next month or two we hit the rehearsal rooms heavily, which has now evolved into our live show. 

Let's settle this once and for all, is Melbourne better than Sydney when it comes to live music? 
This is always a tricky one. I strongly believe melbourne has many more live venue opportunities, which opens the door for up and coming bands to get out there and have a play, although being from Melbourne that may just be a bias opinion. Put it this way, we've played in some shocking venues in Melbourne, amongst some amazing ones too, but we're yet to play in a bad venue in Sydney. Pretty diplomatic response, so I apologise!!! 

What do you think about the comparisons to fellow melbournites Cut Copy?
We see it as a big compliment. We are big fans of Cut Copy and they are pioneers in the electronic/rock cross-over sound, so we welcome the comparisons.

Do you all hang out in bars and talk about the merits of Pet Shop Boys and New Order, and how Kylie is still the best thing to hit pop since sliced bread? We do at here at SCP! 
Haha, great question. Generally for us we tend to try and steer clear of music talk during our down time but somehow the conversations just always goes back to the ins and outs of the music world. We just can't help it.

We can't help hearing a bit of a Phoenix vibe- what do you think of the Frenchmen? 
Those guys are brilliant. When it comes to music, the french always seem to get it right. One thing that gets me excited about a band is not just the songs, but the live show. The Phoenix live! Relentless from start to end.

Ever eaten frogs legs? 
Not yet, but willing to give it a shot. I still cant grasp how they're considered a delicacy.

What's been the best dance band you've ever seen play live? 
Tell us about it. Australian band i'd have to say The Presets. The sound they pull live is so ridiculously big. To portray their music in a live sense wouldn't be easy with just two guys on stage, but they do it so well...not to mention the lighting show that goes with it. International band I would have to say Friendly Fires. I've seen them a few times now at both Festivals and also smaller venues and they never cease to amaze. No matter where they are, their show is full of energy and the sound they get is mental.

Do you have any guilty pleasures when it comes to pop? What's the daggiest album in your record collection? 
Funny you should ask as I came across a whole bunch of stuff just the other day from when I was young and to my amazement I found a Backstreet Boys album. Im pretty sure it was my sisters from when she was little...well at least i keep telling myself that.

We love the EP. When can we expect the album to 'drop' as they say in the biz? 
We're just finishing the final touches at the moment. We'll be looking at a first single release around May, followed by the album in August - September.

Did you got all of your friends to vote for Eskimo boy and climbing walls in the triple j. Hottest 100? 
We did have a lot of friends voting for us but we just missed out. Not to worry, always next year.

Finally we have our 5 silly SnapCacklePop Questions…

1) What’s the weirdest place you have ever had to pee? 
Off a bridge - it took the cliche of "pissing in the wind" to a whole new level.
2) If you could have a superpower what would it be and why? 
Invisible - you could have so much fun with people.
3) Who would you turn gay for? 
George Clooney
4) Which of the seven dwarfs do you resemble first thing in the morning? Dopey
5) What’s the weird thing a fan has sent you? 
A letter saying how much she literally wants to eat me (in a cannibalistic way)

Thanks for your time lovely strange talk! We hope you'll remember us when you are rich and famous!

Check out Strange Talk track Sexual LifeStyle below. Their debut album is available via iTunes now

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